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Shopping TrolleyAbandoned Shopping Trolleys

Council cracks down on abandoned shopping trolleys

Ashfield Council has been working to reduce the number of abandoned shopping trolleys polluting the streets of Ashfield.

As well as being an eyesore, abandoned trolleys are a hazard to pedestrians and traffic.  It is illegal to abandon a shopping trolley in a public place and offenders can be issued with a $110 on the spot fine.

Local supermarkets operate a Trolley Tracker service employed by our retailers and may encourage major retailers to be more proactive about preventing trolleys being taken off the premises, through schemes such as coin-operated trolleys.

Ashfield Council urges people to carry their shopping in a re-useable bag, or purchase a portable, personal trolley from a local retailer.

Where to buy a personal trolley:


  • Franklins, Ashfield Mall

  • Teks, Liverpool Road, Ashfield

  • The Reject Shop, Ashfield Mall