Inner West Council

 Aboriginal Heritage

Ashfield Council acknowledges the traditional Aboriginal owners of this land.  We acknowledge this is country of which the members and elders of the local Indigenous community have been custodians for many centuries, and on which Aboriginal people have performed age - old ceremonies.  We acknowledge their living culture and unique role in the life of this region.

The land we now know as Ashfield Municipality was originally home to the Aboriginal people of the Eora nation. The significance of this cannot be downplayed because it was members of the Eora nation who had contact with the First Fleet when they arrived at Sydney Cove in 1788 to establish a British colony. Therefore Eora land was a 'meeting place' between people of the Eora nation and the English colonialists.

For Ashfield Municipality this theme of 'meeting place' has continued through many phases of contemporary history as well, particularly since the end of the Second World War. Our community has frequently adjusted to change, as wave after wave of migration has added to the rich tapestry of our landscape. So much so that Ashfield has been described as the 'birthplace of modern multiculturalism in Australia'.

In contemporary times, the Aboriginal community of our nation has displayed understandable anger, dismay and frustration at the plight of their own people. At the same time, there has been much soul searching, along with practical actions, by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, seeking to bring greater well being to Aboriginal Australians. Implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan at a local level is just one way to build positive relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous residents of the Municipality & seek to achieve meaningful equality.

Our vision for reconciliation

Ashfield Council's vision for reconciliation is a local government area that acknowledges and supports locally, the ancient living culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.

Ashfield Council has recently adopted the 2014-2016 Reconciliation Action Plan.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Booklet

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Booklet has been endorsed by the Ashfield Aboriginal Consultative Committee and can now be used to assist with orientation and guidance with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people culture.  This booklet is a guide only and the information provided should be tailored to suit the situation depending on the focus, size, intention, public exposure and so on.  To view the booklet click here.