Current Artist in Residence - Bagus Prabowo

Bagus Prabowo from Yogjakarta, Indonesia is visiting Ashfield until the end of May.  Bagus has a personal passion in batik, an Indonesian traditional technique of fabric art using wax.  His batik art is a combination between traditional technique and contemporary art.  Bagus has simplified some of the process so that the batik making is easy and fun and more accessible to people. 

During his stay, Bagus is generously offering the following opportunities to view, learn and experience his work:

  • an exhibition at Delmar Gallery, 5th March to 20th March click on link
  • workshop at Frolic on Tuesday 8th March, International Women's Day
  • a Grebeg Gunungan installation in ArtSpace at the Carnival of Cultures, Sunday 20th March.  There will be an art activity with Bagus from 11am with a procession commencing at 2pm.
  • an artist talk during Seniors Week, Wednesday 6th April 1.30pm to 3pm at Thirning Villa 40 Arthur Street Ashfield.
  • free batik workshops at Thirning Villa 40 Arthur Street Ashfield each Saturday commencing 12th March to 23rd April.
  • a workshop during the April school holidays, date to be confirmed.

For more information please contact Anthia Hart on 9716 1866 or email