Elizabeth Woods

The next artist to visit Ashfield as Artist in Residence at Thirning Villa, is Ms Elizabeth Woods from Doonan, Queensland.  Whilst in residence, Ms Woods will be working with the Ashfield community to develop the Beauty Pageant project that has been tried and tested in Hobart, Tasmania with great success. 

The Beauty Pageant in Hobart
What do you find beautiful?
  Elizabeth Woods posed this question in her search for delightful people and their ideas.  Contestants reflected, recited, sang, danced, cooked and undressed for a packed house, to convince the judges that they were the most charming, sincere, awe inspiring and provocative on the day.  Visit www.situ.net.au to read more and view photographs of Ms Woods work.

The 2015 Ashfield Beauty Pageant
Do you believe that beauty is more than skin-deep?  Just as a woman in the bloom of youth or a lingering sunset is beautiful, is it possible that beauty can also be found in the turn of a mechanic’s wrist, or a spontaneous kind deed or the youthful dreams of a dying man?

If you believe that beauty is more than skin deep, then Elizabeth Woods would like to speak to you.

As the artist in residence at Thirning Villa, Elizabeth is working on the 2015 Ashfield Beauty Pageant and is embarking on a search for beautiful people; not only for the physically beautiful but also for anyone who thinks beautiful thoughts, who may be capable of beautiful gestures or is able to observe beauty in any of its forms.

If you are able to assist her in her search, she would like to invite you to visit her at Thirning Villa at Pratten Park, 40 Arthur Street Ashfield 2131.  To make a time to visit Ms Woods please phone 0410 923 262 or email her at Elizabeth@situ.net.au  The production will be held in the Ashfield Town Hall on Saturday 18th July.  For more information phone Anthia on 9716 1866 or email anthiah@ashfield.nsw.gov.au

Artist statement
One of the most distinguishing characteristics of my work is the factoring in of the general public into the arts activity.  My practice is informed by our contemporary situation, my work is not informed by my own visions but on the integrated  thoughts that pass through communities and community space, through these investigations I then construct something that relates to place.  The audience changes in relationship to the site and venue’s (sic).  With this interaction the art work activates the viewer, by creating a participant even a collaborator.  When the public begins to feature prominently in the art making equation the staging area for art making can be anywhere.  With these expanded venues in the (sic) I believe the artist becomes more integrated into society, this is the key stone to my practice, I am thankful for the audience and employ the audience to increase my understanding of art within our contemporary situation.

Woods 2015

What is the Artist in Residence Program?

The Artist in Residence (AIR) program has played an integral role of the Ashfield cultural community for more than 10 years with over 30 participating artists staying at the historic Thirning Villa in Pratten Park.  Established in 2003, the first artist was Andrew Hull from Bourke in North West New South Wales.  Andrew set the tone of the program with workshops for children and generous engagement with the community.  Initially the program was for Australian artists only, but has since expanded to accept international artists as well.

Since the inception of the program, Ashfield Council has hosted painters, poets, songwriters, a puppeteer, film maker, photographers, sculptors, composer, musicians, textile artist, choreographer, writer, protrait artist, book maker, paper maker, letter cutter, choir master, traditional Chinese ink artist, weaver, printer and more. 

Ashfield residents and artists have benefitted greatly from the program by engaging in workshops, artist talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and installations.  The broader community continues to benefit from the ongoing development of the Council art collection with donations made by each artist. 

The program is open to all art forms including but not limited to; visual, photography, film, theatre, performance, experimental, multi-media, sculpture, music and the literary arts with the focus being to provide artists with the opportunity to develop their practice. 

The artist is to include a community development/engagement component in their residency program.

The AIR residency program is open to Australian artists who live outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area, and international artists.  For the purpose of this program, the boundaries of the Sydney Metropolitan Area are defined as the Hawkesbury/Nepean River in the north/north west, and then the outer boundaries of the City of Penrith, Cambed Council, the City of Campbelltown and Sutherland Shire.

For more information phone Anthia on 02 9716 1866 or email anthiah@ashfield.nsw.gov.au    


Past Artists in Residence

The following artists have participated in the Ashfield Council Artist in Residence program.

Please contact Ashfield Council for more information about the Artist in Residence program.