What is the Artist in Residence Program?


Meet our current Artist in Residence!

The Ashfield Council Artist in Residence Program is an unique initiative where Ashfield Council hosts a practising artist for a residency at the historic Thirning Villa in Pratten Park.  Ashfield provides a rich environment for the artist to develop meaningful cultural exhange.  During the residency, which is usually a minimum of three months, the artist assists Ashfield residents to express their aspirations through the arts.  A range of opportunities for community involvement are offered and may include workshops or classes, open studio, artist talks at the Villa, in schools and nursing homes, as well as demonstrations and performances.  Each program is developed in consultation with the artist and so will differ with each residency.

Often the artist will hold an exhibition at the conclusion of the residency.

The Artist in Residence program commenced in December 2003 when Bourke artist, poet, musician, story teller, Andrew Hull and his family came to stay at Thirning Villa for three months.  During this time, Andrew ran workshops for children, attended adult workshops to further his own art practice and generally immersed himself in the cultural experience of living in Ashfield.    He is one of many artists who have come from far and wide to take up this wonderful opportunity. 

Each year, Australian rural and regional artists are invited to investigate their practice in Ashfield.  In 2007 the program was extended to international artists.   This progression highlights the value of such an opportunity where an artist can practice their artistic discipline away from their usual environment.  The residency suits artists who practice in disciplines including visual and performing arts, writers, musicians, craft and design and film.

With the assistance of an advisory group made up of local residents who are practising artists or have an interest in the arts, Ashfield Council appoints artists on a regular basis to work with the community to further the artistic strengths in the Inner West.

Ashfield Council will be calling for expressions of interest for new artists in the second week of July 2014. Application forms will be available on this website from 11 July 2014.

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