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Authors at Ashfield - Podcasts

Ashfield Library hosts a series of free literary events. From 2015, some events are being recorded and shared online. If you missed a talk or conversation, check here to listen to recordings.

Joanna Penglase - Fortunes Lost and Won: Georgette Heyer’s Gamblers

Joanna Penglase

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Duration: 1:04:35
Date recorded: Thursday 9 March 2017
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Collins Hemingway - Beyond the Miniatures: the real world of Jane Austen

Collins Hemingway

Collins Hemingway is a well regarded lecturer from Oregon, United States of America. His talk on Jane Austen provides an overview of the major issues of the day, which are either missing or carefully embedded/hidden in her novels. Political and labor history, war, science and technology—the developments that led to the Industrial Revolution—and the new entrepreneurs. The Long War with France helped drive labor and political unrest, with the war bringing hardship, automation creating labor unrest, and France doing all it could to assist disaffected citizens in rebelling against the English government.

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Duration: 54:08
Date recorded: Monday 20 February 2017
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History Week 2016: Dr Lisa Murray - Deathly Neighbours: the evolution of Sydney's cemeteries

Dr Lisa Murray

From burial ground, to churchyard, to church cemetery and then general cemetery: Sydney's cemeteries demonstrate the implementation of a 19th century novelty in the colony. The planning and design of Sydney's cemeteries is an under appreciated aspect of Sydney's urban history. As Dr Lisa Murray will demonstrate in her talk, health, landscape, moral and religious values all contributed to their design and how individuals treated their friends and neighbours in death.

Proudly presented as part of the History Council of NSW’s Speaker Connect program for History Week 2016.

Dr Lisa Murray is the City Historian at the City of Sydney Council, overseeing a diverse History Program that encompasses local and community history, civic and municipal history, and urban history. Lisa is passionate about making history accessible to the public, and is an award-winning author of planning histories and a regular contributor to debates around public history.

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Duration: 1:02:34
Date recorded: Friday 9 September 2016
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Dr Tim Soutphommasane - I’m Not Racist but… 40 Years of the Racial Discrimination Act

Tim Soutphommasane

Dr Tim Soutphommasane is Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner. Prior to joining the Australian Human Rights Commission, he was a political philosopher and his thinking on multiculturalism, national identity and patriotism has been influential in shaping debates in Australia and Britain.

Dr Soutphommasane discusses his latest book I'm Not Racist But... 40 Years of the Racial Discrimination Act. This was our readthis!2016 one community, one book reading promotion. 

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Duration: 58:42
Date recorded: Thursday 30 June 2016
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Sydney Writers’ Festival 2016: Adrian McKinty

Ashfield Library is proud to again be partnering with Sydney Writers’ Festival for the 14th consecutive year. We excitedly welcome Irish crime novelist, now Melbourne resident, Adrian McKinty, with his new Detective Sean Duffy thriller, Rain Dogs.

Note: Unfortunately, the recording does not capture the entire Q&A session at the end.

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Duration: 47:03
Date recorded: Thursday 19 May 2016
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GLBTQI Evening of Readings

Ashfield Library, in partnership with The Bookshop Darlinghurst, are proud to present a GLBTQI evening of readings featuring: Benjamin Law (The Family Law, Gaysia), Kevin Klehr (Drama Queens with Love Scenes), Todd Alexander (Tom Houghton), Rebecca Jennings (Unnamed Desires: a Sydney Lesbian History), C.S. Pacat (The Captive Prince Trilogy), Tom Langshaw (an editor of Women I've Undressed by Orry-Kelly) and Nigel Bartlett (King of the Road).

Download GLBTQI program Download GLBTQI program (113.61 KB)

This recording contains infrequent coarse language.

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Time   Speaker Duration: 1:30:35
00:00   Introduction by Therese Scott Date recorded: Wednesday 24 February 2016
01:36   Todd Alexander Format: MP3 audio
15:34   Kevin Klehr File size: 62.2 MB
23:55   Benjamin Law  
38:46   Rebecca Jennings  
51:56   Tom Langshaw  
1:00:37   Nigel Bartlett  
1:17:34   C.S. Pacat  

GLBTQI group photo

L-R: Nigel Bartlett, Todd Alexander, Rebecca Jennings, Benjamin Law, Kevin Klehr, Tom Langshaw, and C.S. Pacat.

Robert Wainwright - Maverick Mountaineer

Robert Wainwright

Journalist Robert Wainwright introduces us to the wild colonial boy who took on the British Alpine establishment. George Ingle Finch is best known as the father of the actor Peter Finch. However at one time he was the most famous man in the world. Mountaineer, soldier, scientist, rebellious spirit, boy from the Australian bush.

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Duration: 1:09:22
Date recorded: Monday 15 June 2015
Format: MP3 audio
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Forty years on: A night of Vietnamese-Australian stories

For many, the Fall of Saigon on April 30 is a day of mourning; but forty years on, perhaps it could also be a day of reflection of where we are now, especially as a diverse community in Australia. How has the Vietnamese-Australian community fared since arriving by the thousands as refugees fleeing IndoChina in the 1970's? What are the lives of the post-war generation like? Seven Vietnamese-Australian writers tell their stories.

Download program and speaker biographiesDownload program and speaker biographies (2.05 MB)

This recording contains mild and infrequent coarse language.

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Time   Speaker Duration: 1:01:27
00:00   Introduction by Sheila Pham Date recorded: Thursday 30 April 2015
01:58   Shirley Le Format: MP3 audio
09:45   Katherine Le File size: 42.2 MB
15:56   Stephen Pham  
22:42   TV Phan  
30:18   Pauline Nguyen  
38:58   Sheila Pham  
47:03   Kim Huynh  
56:26   Q&A answered by Katherine, Kim and Sheila  

40 Years On group photo

L-R: TV Phan, Sheila Pham, Stephen Pham, Shirley Le, Katherine Le, Pauline Nguyen and Kim Huynh.
Photo credit: Garry Trinh.

Douglas Newton - Hell-Bent: Australia's leap into the Great War

Douglas Newton

As part of the Library's Centenary of Anzac program, Authors at Ashfield presents historian Douglas Newton as he discusses his latest book Hell-Bent: Australia's leap into the Great War. Most histories of Australia's role in the Great War rush their readers into the trenches. This history is very different. For the first time, it examines events closely, even hour by hour, in both Britain and Australia during the last days of peace in July-August 1914.

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Duration: 1:12:03
Date recorded: Wednesday 15 April 2015
Format: MP3 audio
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