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Become a Library Member

Everyone is welcome to join the library. When you apply for a library card, you will be asked for identification showing your name and current address.

Acceptable identification includes drivers' licence, bills, official letters from a government department, or concession card. Those under 18 years need to have a parent or guardian complete the form and show identification.

You can join the library even if you live outside the area. Your card can be used to borrow from either Ashfield or Haberfield libraries and is current for three (3) years. You must present your card to borrow items or to use the internet. Please notify us if you lose your card or change your address. There is a charge for replacement cards.

You may have up to 40 items on loan at any one time, and the loan period is three weeks.  Items can be returned at either library. You may extend your loan by accessing your account online through the catalogue or calling either the Ashfield or Haberfield library before or on the due date and provide your borrower number. Reserved items cannot be renewed. Items seven days overdue cannot be renewed. Fees are incurred for late returned items. If an item is lost, stolen or damaged you will need to pay for the cost of the item and a non-refundable processing fee for each item.

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A Place for all of us

Together we can create an exceptional place for us all to enjoy the library services.

A Code of Behaviour for library patrons using the Ashfield Library Services.

You can Expect to

  • Feel welcome, safe and at ease in a pleasant environment.
  • Have noise maintatined to a reasonable level.
  • Be clearly and efficiently directled to the services you require.
  • Have access to a broad range of resources and information.
  • Receive friendly and professional assistance.
  • Be treated with respect and courtesy.
  • Be informed of a range of activities and events at Ashfield Council.

We Expect You to

  • Be considerate, polite and respectful of library staff and patrons.
  • Respect cultural differences.
  • Respect the rights of library staff and patrons.
  • Treat the library facilities and property with care.
  • Create a safe welcoming environment for all library staff and patrons.
  • Prevent unacceptable behaviours including verbal or physical abuse, assault, intimidation or harassment of library staff and patrons.
  • Adhere to the Code of Behaviour for Ashfield Library Services (available on request).
  • Comply with any reasonable request from library staff.
  • Maintain reasonable levels of noise.
  • Behavioural policy.
  • Code of Behaviour.

Internet Use Policy

All library members are able to book and use Library computers to access the internet. When you apply for a library card, you will be asked for identification showing your name and current address, and you agree to the library rules and regulations by accepting membersh. When accessin the internet using library computers you must accept the library's internet use policy.

Please see the internet use poilicy here.