Inner West Council

Book Groups

One of these book groups could be right for you!

Ashfield Library Book Group

Meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 10am. This group reads one set novel a month, Feb-Dec.

The Ashfield Library Book Group is currently full. Please contact Therese on 9716 1821 for more information.

Haberfield Library Book Group

Meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 10am. This group reads one set novel a month, Feb-Dec.

There are currently vacancies in this group. Please contact Angelina on 9716 1000 for more information.

Book group titles available for bulk loan

The following is a list of titles that can be borrowed in sets of ten, making them perfect for book groups. The minimum that can be borrowed is 10.  

Long bay Eleanor   Limprecht
Season of hate Michael   Costello
In the winter dark Tim   Winton
To the lighthouse Virginia   Woolf
Surrender Sonya   Hartnett
Violin lessons Arnold   Zable
We have always lived in the castle Shirley   Jackson
The street sweeper Eliot   Perlman
A single man Christopher   Isherwood
Goodbye to Berlin Christopher   Isherwood
The secret agent Joseph   Conrad
The woman in black Susan   Hill
Our man in Havana Graham   Greene
Young hearts crying Richard   Yates
Sea of poppies Amitav   Ghosh
The merry go round Somerset   Maugham
How I live now Meg   Rosoff
The elegance of the hedgehog Muriel   Barbery
The tin drum Gunter   Grass
Mapp and Lucia E.F.   Benson
Animal People Charlotte   Wood
The street sweeper Eliot   Perlman
No name Wilkie   Collins
Doctor Zhivago Boris   Pasternak
The maggot John   Fowles
The watchtower Elizabeth   Harrower
Sarah’s key: Rosnay  
Wives and daughters:  Elizabeth   Gaskell 
The Aunt's story:  Patrick   White  
Weekend Wodehouse: P   G Wodehouse 
Barnaby Rudge:  Charles   Dickens 
Marazan :  Nevil   Shute 
Birdsong: Sebastian   Faulks  
True history of the Kelly Gang : Peter   Carey  
Bullet Park: John   Cheever  
Under the net:  Iris   Murdoch   
The Watch tower Elizabeth   Harrower
The world beneath Cate   Kennedy
River of smoke Amitav   Ghosh
Harlands Half acre David   Malouf
Crossing to safety Wallace   Stegner  
Rosie Project Graham   Simsion 
Jonah Louis   Stone
Before I go to sleep SJ   Watson
The Natural Way of Things  Charlotte   Wood
The Last days of Ava Langdon Mark   O'Flynn
The Teacher's Secret Suzanne   Leal
Questions of Travel Michelle   de Krester 
Springtime: A Ghost Story Michelle   de Krester
Eden  Candice   Fox 
King of the Road  Nigel   Bartlett
Careful, he might hear you  Sumner   Locke Elliott
The Light of Paris  Eleanor   Brown 
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand  Helen   Simonson 
The Commandant  Jessica   Anderson 
Burial Rites Hannah   Kent 
The Dinner  Herman   Koch 
The Night Guest  Fiona   McFarlane 
Station Eleven  Emily   St John Mandel 
The Home Girls  Olga   Masters 
Useful  Debra   Oswald 
The Fortunes of Richard Mahony  Henry   Mandel Richardson 
Arkie's Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing   Lisa   Walker 
The Painted Sky  Alice   Campion 
After Darkness  Christine   Piper 
Stoner  John   Williams 
How to Find Love in a Bookshop  Veronica   Henry 
The Railway Man  Eric   Lomax 
Silas Marner George   Eliot