Inner West Council

The Ashfield Aquatic Centre

Since it opened in 1963, the Aquatic Centre has had over 10 million visits.

The Ashfield Aquatic Centre provides a valuable community resource. Thousands of local residents have learnt to swim at the pool and it is used by a number of sporting groups, local schools and members of the community.

The facility is currently home to the Ashfield Swim Club and is used by Wests Water Polo, NSW and Australian Water Polo.  It is also used as a training venue for International Water Polo teams, schools in the area and is now home to the new Ashfield Swim School.

During the past financial year, over 360,000 people visited the Aquatic Centre.

In 2007 a report detailing the poor condition of various components of the indoor and outdoor pools at the Aquatic Centre highlighted that significant funds would be required to bring the Centre to an appropriate standard.  After 50 years, the 50 metre pool is at the end of its useful life and requires replacement.

The Community Strategic Plan, Ashfield 2023, identifies development of a new Aquatic Centre as one of the key strategic focus areas.  The Aquatic Centre infrastructure is ageing and the existing 50m and water polo pools require a high level of maintenance.  These assets are unlikely to meet community expectations without future redevelopment.