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The GreenWay is an environmental, active transport and cultural corridor extending some five kilometres from the Cooks River at Earlwood in the south, to Iron Cove at Haberfield in the north.  Ashfield was the lead Council for the $1.83 million GreenWay Sustainability Project

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"A recognisable, environmental, cultural and non-polluting transport corridor linking the sub-catchments of two pf Sydney's most important waterways..."

The GreenWay is a rare green corridor in Sydney's Inner West.  It has grown from a grass-roots community vision to link two of Sydney's most important waterways .  The GreenWay acts as a "bush link" for local flora and fauna.  It is also an active transport link, with a shared walking and cycling path linking the Cooks River Cycleway and Earlwood to the Bay Run at Iron Cove Bay to be implemented as part of the Inner West Light Rail Extension.

The GreenWay is a focus for community involvement through bushcare, art projects, school environmental programs, recreational cycling groups and advocacy groups.

The GreenWay corridor passes through Canterbury, Marrickville, Ashfield and Leichhardt Council areas of Sydney's Inner West and incorporates Hawthorne Canal and the Rozelle freight rail corridor.  A colony of Long-nosed Bandicoots (Perameles nasuta) has recently been discovered along the corridor, after an absence of some 40 years.  This population has recently been declared as an Endangered Population under the Threatened Species Act 1995 NSW.  The GreenWay is also home to other significant native flaura and fauna.

Download:  GreenWay Bandicoot Brochure GreenWay Bandicoot Brochure (1.40 MB)

The GreenWay Master Plan & Coordination Strategy GreenWay Master Plan & Coordination Strategy (3.50 MBis the culmination of local efforts over many years in developing an holistic and collaborative approach to managing the GreenWay . The Strategy puts forward ideas raised in community consultation as well as drawing on the collaborative experience of the GreenWay Working Group (which consists of Council and community representatives).  The Master Plan & Coordination Strategy was made available for public exhibition during 2009.  More than 60 submissions were received and considered during development of the final Master Plan.

The GreenWay Master Plan & Coordination Strategy was adopted by Ashfield Council, Leichhardt Council and Marrickville Council in October 2009.  The Strategy is also support by City of Canterbury.  Many actions in the GreenWay Master Plan & Coordination Strategy were implemented as part of the GreenWay Sustainability Project, funded by the NSW Environmental Trust through its Urban Sustainability Program.

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