Inner West Council

Corporate Plans and Reports

How do we plan for Ashfield's future

Ashfield Council adopts a suite of documents under the integrated planning framework for NSW Local Governments.

The plans and the reporting framework allows Ashfield to 

  • identify and plan funding priorities and service levels in consultation with the community
  • preserve our local distinctiveness and plan for a more sustainable future. 


Our corporate planning begins with the Community Plan ‘Our Place, Our Future’. In this Plan our community set out seven key themes for our future:

  • Creative and Inclusive Community
  • Unique and Distinctive Neighbourhoods
  • Safe, Connected and Accessible Places
  • Living Sustainably
  • Thriving Local Economy
  • Attractive and Lively Town Centre
  • Engaging and Innovation Local Democracy

All Council’s corporate plans and our reports reflect these key themes. This is how we get from vision to action.

You can read more information about each plan by clicking on the links below.

Community Plan                

Our Community Plan 2023, ‘Our Place, Our Future’ is the vision for the future of Ashfield prepared following extensive community engagement. It is a long term vision that covers issues of importance to our community and sets the direction for Council over the next ten years.

Council Plan

The Council Plan is prepared at the beginning of each four year Council term. It outlines the specific actions (projects and services) performance indicators and service levels that will be put on place to deliver the vision set out in the Community Plan. The Council Plan is updated each year and includes an overview of the budget and list of capital works. 

Annual Plan

The Annual Plan provides details of each of the activities in the Council Plan. It also includes the detailed budget, fees and charges policy and statutory information such as the Revenue Policy. 

Fees and Charges for 2015/16 effective from 1 July 2015 can be viewed here

How are we going - reports 


Council Plan - Quarterly Reports

The Council Plan - Quarterly Reports are an important monitoring tool to help us track our performing against the specific actions in the Council Plan. The Quarterly reports outline key achievements over the last 3 months, priorities for the next period and a variety of statistics. This report is presented to Council with the Quarterly Budget report. 


Annual Report

Council produces an annual report at the end November each year. The annual report provides a summary of Council’s achievements in implementing the Council Plan. It is presented with a range of statutory information including Councillor and senior staff fees, legal expenses and the audited former Ashfield Council's Financial Statements 2015-16.

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