Inner West Council

Council Clean Ups

Council offers a comprehensive Clean Up service for the Ashfield service area, including two General Clean Ups each year and a Phone-In/Booked Collection Service, that can be accessed up to 4 times a year by every household.

General Clean Ups

Council holds two general clean ups per year, usually in May and November. Residents are notified via letterbox drop about clean up dates for their street.

Items suitable for collection must be placed on the nature strip outside your premises the weekend before collection in your street begins.

Important things to note

  • Please separate white goods, metals, garden waste and mattresses into different piles. These materials may be collected by different collection crews.
  • Please remove all doors and locks from refrigerators and other items that have compartments.
  • Don’t put out materials that are too dangerous or too large
  • Don’t put out commercial, industrial or building waste out for collection – these will not be collected
  • Don’t place materials so they block the footpath or hinder pedestrian access
  • Don’t place materials out late – they will not be collected.

What we do collect

  • Furniture that can be easily picked up by one person
  • Household appliances, such as TVs and radios
  • Mattresses, cushions and pillows
  • White goods, e.g. fridges, stoves and washing machines
  • Plant cuttings – must be boxed or tied in bundles
  • Branches less than 1 metre in length and stems no thicker than 100mm – must be tied in bundles

What we do NOT collect

  • Dangerous or hazardous material and medical waste
  • Liquid waste, e.g. paint, chemicals or oils – use the household chemical and e-waste drop off service instead
  • Garden waste not tied and bundled
  • Soil, tree stumps, treated wood or stones
  • Building materials, e.g. bricks, concrete, tiles, fence palings and rails
  • Food waste or general rubbish
  • Motor vehicle parts, oil, batteries and tyres

Clean Up Dates

The next general clean up will start in November 2017, and cover the following areas on the dates listed below:

Zone 1 - 6 November 2017

Zone 2 - 13 November 2017

Zone 3 - 20 November 2017

Zone 4 -27 November 2017

Zone 5 - 4 December 2017

Click here to find out which zone your street is located in. 

Booked collection – available 4 times a year

Moving out or cleaning up? Each household is entitled to 4 free booked collections each year. Some conditions apply.

Only items that can be lifted by one person can be placed out for collection. There is a limit of no more than 1 cubic metre of waste per collection (approximately 8 garbage bags).

To make a booking please call the Customer Service Centre on 9392 5000.

Don't forget to plan ahead and book at least 3 weeks in advance. Items are collected on Mondays.

The free booked collection service does not operate during the May and November general clean-ups.

What we do collect

  • Garden waste, tied in bundles or bagged
  • Small household items
  • Small pieces of furniture
  • Items less than 1 metre in length

What we do NOT collect

  • White goods
  • Bricks or building materials
  • Food waste
  • Long or bulky tree branches
  • Garden waste that has not been tied or bundled
  • Loose items that have not been bagged, boxed, bundled or tied