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DAs Exhibited and Determined 2011


Development applications received and determined by Council are  advertised in Ashfield Council's weekly column in the Tuesday edition of the "Inner West Courier" newspaper.

During the exhibition period, these applications, including plans and relevant documents, can be inspected at the Customer Service Desk, 260 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, at any time between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted). Any person may make a submission in writing to Council in respect to any application. Where the submission objects to the proposal, the specific grounds for the objection should be clearly stated. Please note that submissions and respective reportable political donations made in regard to Development Applications are not confidential and may be viewed by any interested person.

Council's Development Assessment Officers are available for discussion of applications in person or by telephone and determinations may be inspected at Council between 8:30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. 
Please see copies of the advertisements below, which can be viewed and downloaded as PDF documents.


January 2011


February 2011


March 2011

11/1/11 11/1/11 (176.83 KB)    1/2/11 1/2/11 (2.41 MB)    1/3/11 1/3/11 (1.81 MB)
18/1/11 18/1/11 (359.84 KB)    8/2/11 8/2/11 (1.63 MB)    8/3/11.pdf 8/3/11.pdf (3.43 MB)
 25/1/11 25/1/11 (186.03 KB)    15/2/11 15/2/11 (1.42 MB)    15/3/11.pdf 15/3/11.pdf (3.32 MB)
     22/2/11 22/2/11 (1.30 MB)    22/3/11.pdf 22/3/11.pdf (1.94 MB)
         29/3/11.pdf 29/3/11.pdf (680.19 KB)

April 2011


May 2011


June 2011

 05/04/11.pdf 05/04/11.pdf (1.58 MB)    03/05/11.pdf 03/05/11.pdf (733.00 KB)    07/06/11.pdf 07/06/11.pdf (761.79 KB)
 12/04/11.pdf 12/04/11.pdf (3.53 MB)   10/05/11.pdf 10/05/11.pdf (2.50 MB)    14/06/11.pdf 14/06/11.pdf (642.93 KB)
 19/04/11.pdf 19/04/11.pdf (2.61 MB)    17/05/11.pdf 17/05/11.pdf (2.07 MB)    21/06/11.pdf 21/06/11.pdf (699.12 KB)
 26/04/11.pdf 26/04/11.pdf (3.66 MB)    24/05/11.pdf 24/05/11.pdf (4.25 MB)    28/06/11.pdf 28/06/11.pdf (756.93 KB)
     31/05/11.pdf 31/05/11.pdf (6.49 MB)    

July 2011


August 2011


September 2011

    02/08/11.pdf 02/08/11.pdf (670.74 KB)    06/09/11.pdf 06/09/11.pdf (646.27 KB)
 05/07/11.doc.pdf 05/07/11.pdf (745.37 KB)    09/08/11.pdf 09/08/11.pdf (716.78 KB)    13/09/11.pdf 13/09/11.pdf (722.94 KB)
 12/07/11.pdf 12/07/11.pdf (900.58 KB)    16/08/11.pdf 16/08/11.pdf (716.29 KB)    20/09/11.pdf 20/09/11.pdf (710.88 KB)
 19/07/11.pdf 19/07/11.pdf (689.74 KB)   23/08/11.pdf 23/08/11.pdf (735.70 KB)    27/09/11.pdf 27/09/11.pdf (705.25 KB)
 26/07/11.pdf 26/07/11.pdf (665.42 KB)    30/08/11.pdf 30/08/11.pdf (2.20 MB)    

October 2011


November 2011


December 2011

 04/10/11.pdf 04/10/11.pdf (689.53 KB)    01/11/11.pdf 01/11/11.pdf (6.04 MB)    06/12/11.pdf 06/12/11.pdf (730.84 KB)
 11/10/11.pdf 11/10/11.pdf (2.23 MB)    08/11/11.pdf 08/11/11.pdf (813.45 KB)    13/12/11.pdf 13/12/11.pdf (1.98 MB)
 18/10/11.pdf 18/10/11.pdf (711.66 KB)    15/11/11.pdf 15/11/11.pdf (765.49 KB)    20/12/11.pdf 20/12/11.pdf (840.56 KB)
 25/10/11.pdf 25/10/11.pdf (768.19 KB)    22/11/11.pdf 22/11/11.pdf (750.80 KB)    

  Ashfield Council's full page weekly advertisement, the Weekly News, is published in the Tuesday edition of the Inner West Courier newspaper. The advertisement contains the latest information about Council's events, upcoming meetings and activities including development applications.