Inner West Council

Ashfield Council has undertaken a Flood Study for the Hawthorne Canal and Dobroyd Canal catchments. Land subject to flood controls is shown on the flood control lot map. A property identified on this Map is required to comply with the flood related development controls which are contained in the following Council document -  Part E8 - Interim Flood Development Control Policy. View flood development controls relating to Exempt and Complying Development.

For properties subject to flood development controls shown on the flood control lot map a Certificate with Flood Design Levels will be issued by Council on submission of a written request and subject to a fee. The certificate will provide the 1:100 year Flood Design Level and the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), and will be to the Australian Height Datum (AHD). Applicants must provide a survey by a registered surveyor to determine the actual ground and floor levels. All surveys undertaken are be to the AHD using a survey datum with a minimum vertical class “D” and a vertical order of five (5) as identified on the Survey Control Information Management System on the Land and Property Information website.

For developments proposed in flood hazard areas or extending into an overland flow path, an applicant may be required to submit a Flood Impact Assessment.

For areas where Council has not undertaken a flood study but which are adjacent to water courses, Council may require a Flood Study to be undertaken by applicants to accompany any  development application