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Most local streets have a 50 km/h limit. Around Summer Hill, the limit is 40km/hr to improve pedestrian safety around the shops.

Visit RMS website for information on the road rules. See the RMS website here.

Traffic Management

Traffic management in a local area is a complex issue because of the highly variable characteristics of motorists, cyclists, walkers and their behaviours and attitudes. Determining the appropriate traffic management treatment for a particular street is also usually a complex issue because it involves considering a number of factors, such as road function, road characteristics, traffic characteristics, road safety, road user behaviour, wider road network affects and resident support. Traffic management treatments include, one-way streets, road closures, turn-bans, speed humps, etc.

Council manages all requests and proposed traffic treatments through a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) developed for the Ashfield Council area. This Plan provides Council with a systematic and comprehensive approach to managing all the traffic management issues. Council has a TMP for the Ashfield Council area and currently updating this Plan to ensure it captures all current issues and is still appropriate.

Obtaining stakeholders and community input into the TMP is significantly important in the process and to Ashfield Council. Stakeholders and the community have be given opportunities to provide their comments on the TMP through the scheduled community consultation process.

Ashfield Traffic Management Strategy (TMS)

Ashfield Council has commenced a project to update its Traffic Management Strategy (TMS). The purpose of this project is to develop a strategic framework and action plan for safe and convenient movement of the vehicular traffic across the Ashfield Local Government Area and to meet the present and future needs of its residents and visitors from other areas.

Council has appointed traffic specialists GTA Consultants to develop this strategy for Ashfield LGA.

As a part of this process, you are invited to have your say on the TMS which will reflect the present and future needs of our community and visitors. This follows targeted consultation with key stakeholders. Outcomes from this consultation will be considered by the consultant in development of the Traffic Management Strategy. The final TMS will be determined through the Local Traffic Committee and Council.

The Traffic Management Strategy will be on display in Ashfield Library, Haberfield Library and Civic Centre Building. It can also be viewed online on our website.

  • To view the Ashfield Traffic Management Strategy (TMS) for Public Consultation clickashfield_traffic_management_strategy_-_consultation_material.pdf here.
  • To view the Ashfield TMS Public Consultation Online Questionnaire click here.

NOTE: Your input into this assessment is highly valued and appreciated. Please note, however, that this exercise involves receiving input to be incorporated into the assessment only. As such, you will not receive a response via email or post directly addressing your specific concerns.

The Questionnaire can be submitted online via the above link, or the hardcopy Questionnaire can be submitted as follows:


Post: Ashfield Traffic Management Strategy (16S1135000)
PO Box 5254

In-person: Customer Services,
Ashfield Civil Centre,
260 Liverpool Road- Ashfield

Submissions will be received until 5pm, Wednesday 18 May 2016.