Inner West Council


The purchase, use, storage and transport of display fireworks is restricted to individuals holding a: 

  • pyrotechnicians licence
  • fireworks (single use) licence.

There are safety and security requirements for the storage of fireworks depending on the amount and type of fireworks to be stored. Licences are also required to:

  • handle fireworks without supervision
  • manufacture fireworks
  • sell fireworks.

A Fireworks Permit can be obtained from WorkCover NSW (as per the Dangerous Goods Act 1975), and a copy submitted to Council as least seven (7) days prior to the event.

Approval is to be obtained from your local Fire Brigade. All fireworks displays are to be completed no later than 9.00pm. In the event of a total fire ban, exemption must be obtained from the NSW Fire Brigade and a copy forwarded to Council prior to the event, otherwise your fireworks will not be permitted.

Residential notification must be sent out a week prior to the fireworks display advising residents of the date and duration of the fireworks display as well as providing a contact phone number.

For further information on the conditions and requriements for firework displays, click here to go to the fireworks page of the WorkCover NSW website. 

For a copy of WorkCover NSW's booklet 'Operational Conditions - Fireworks' , click here