Inner West Council

Fitness sessions for women in Yeo Park

Each Wednesday and Friday for one hour starting at 10am, mothers who want to get fit can join other mothers in Yeo Park and work out under the watchful eye of fitness trainer Nick from Zenith Health & Wellbeing.  Ashfield Council has proudly supported this intitiative since August 2009.  Babies are welcome although there is no formal child care provided.

Mothers who attended sessions last year have applauded Zenith Health & Wellbeing and Ashfield Council for this opportunity that many have said helped them through difficult times.  There are many reasons why this has been a huge success.  The outdoors setting in Yeo Park offers a relaxed environment and babies can be left in their strollers or on a blanket on the ground in the middle of where the women exercise.  This allows the women to supervise as well as participate in the session.  Because there are other babies there, alot of the time the babies entertain each other so that there is minimal pressure on the mothers.  As the intiative is supported by Ashfield Council the program can be offered at a reasonable cost to participants.

One mother wrote to Council and said that the sessions '..... saved my life.  I was very depressed and felt alone.  This is the best thing and my husband is happier too.'

Another said that ' .... can get fitter and lose some of the weight that I put on.  ...... some of us go for a coffeee afterwards....'   

One of the husbands phoned the trainer and thanked him and Council for what they were doing.


Venue:    Yeo Park, Victoria Street Ashfield

When:     Wednesdays & Fridays 10am to 12pm

Cost:       Each session costs $7

Numbers are limited.  Bookings are essential. 

Enquiries phone Nick 0433 712 611 or or Anthia 9716 1866