Inner West Council

Footpaths & Driveways

Most deterioration of footpaths is caused by damage from street tree roots. Council will infill or grind down the trips created by lifting, until a full replacement can be afforded. With over 9,000 street trees and many mature and of a species with big roots (such as paper barks) and 384,000 sqm of paving, Council’s funds are not adequate to meet the repairs needed. Requests are prioritised based on the condition and amount of use of the path. Council carries out inspection audits periodically.

If you need to dig up the footpath for plumbing, building or utility works associated with your property, you are required to get a permit, and are liable for the safety of the site and for permanent repairs. There is a fee covering inspections and the repairs. 

All works undertaken by property owners / developers which effect the roadway or traffic are required to obtain a permit for the works, prior to the commencement of the works. Application Forms for road openings and occupation are available in the following link under Works & Infrastructure Forms - click here for link.

As driveways cross the footpath, they are considered part of the path. Property owners are responsible for the provision and maintenance of these by accepting damage by public utilities.