Inner West Council

WestConnex - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Council exhibiting the WestConnex (M4 East) EIS?

Council is obligated to exhibit the Environmental Impact Statement for the State Government's project, because our community is affected by the project. Council is not a consent authority for the project.

Where can I get a copy of the EIS?

Hard copies may be viewed, during business hours, at:

  • Ashfield Library, Level 3, 260 Liverpool Road
  • Haberfield Library, 78 Dalhousie St
  • Ashfield Civic Centre, Customer Service, Ground Floor, 260 Liverpool Road

It can be viewed online at:

Council is unable to provide additional copies of the documents for residents to take home. 

Where can I get more information about WestConnex and the EIS process?

WestConnex Development Authority are facilitating the consultation process and are holding information sessions. For details, visit their website.

Council has held two public meetings - one about property acquisitions and the other about the EIS. For notes from these proceedings, please visit our Public Meetings page.

What is Council doing about the EIS?

Ashfield Council is opposed to this project and its impact on our community. We are assessing the EIS and preparing a submission in response. We will consider the direct and indirect human health, social, economic, environmental and other impacts on our community from this project and argue for recommendations that eliminate and/or mitigate negative effects. Council has no power to approve or reject the proposal and can only lobby for the best outcomes for our community.

What is Council concerned about?

There are a number of transport, traffic, noise, pedestrian safety, vibration, human health, air quality, heritage, urban design, environmental and socioeconimic impacts that Council is concerned about. These will be detailed in our submission and reported to Council on 27 October 2015. A copy of the report will be made available here by Friday 23 October 2015. 

Our media releases have highlighted several issues that we are concerned about and copies of these are available here.

How do I raise my concerns about WestConnex?

Council is urging the community to raise their concerns with the WestConnex EIS. Submissions should be made to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment are due by Monday 2 November 2015:


Write to: Attention Director Infrastructure Projects, Planning Services, Department of Planning and Environment, Application Number SSI 6307, GPO BOX 39 Sydney NSW 2001