Inner West Council

Garbage Collection

This information is relevant to the Ashfield Service Area only.

Council provides a weekly garbage service. Click here to find your garbage collection day.

Garbage bins are dark grey with a red lid. Each house has one 120 litre garbage bin, and flats and units generally have one 240 litre bin shared between two flats.



Additional Bins

If you regularly have too much rubbish for your bin, additional bins can be provided at a cost. You will need to complete an Application for Waste Collection Service Form which can be downloaded here or obtained by phoning Customer Services on 9392 5000.   

Where do I put the things that can't go in the garbage bin?

Some of these wastes are dangerous for people and the environment of they leak out of garbage trucks or landfills. See below for how to dispose of these things safely: 

Building Materials - Building materials should be taken to a Waste Management Station

Car Batteries - Car batteries, fuels and fluids should be taken to a Clean Out drop off event.

Car Parts - Anything made out of metal can be taken to a metal recycler. Search the Recycling Near You website for contact details. Filling the bin with car parts will make it too heavey to be collected.  

Chemical Waste, Paint or Motor Oil - Take these to a Clean Out drop off event.

Hot Ashes - Wait until they have cooled down before placing in the bin. Anything hot will melt the plastic of the bin. 

Liquids - paints, herbicides and pesticides, oils, solvents, ammonia-based cleaners and pool chemicals should be taken to a Clean Out Drop off event.

Medicines - Return Unwanted medicines to the pharmacy

Soil - Large quantities of soil should be taken to a Waste Management Station. Filling the bin with soil will make it too heavy to be collected. The collection limit for a 120L bin is 70kg.