Inner West Council

Garden Organics

This information is relevant to the Ashfield Service Area only.

Want to get rid of your lawn clippings, leaves and other garden waste for less than $4 a fortnight?

Its easy - get a Garden Organics Bin and we'll collect it for you and turn it into compost. This service includes a 240L green lid bin for your garden waste and fortnightly collection on the same day as your recycling.  ;Simply fill in the Waste Collection Services Application Form or give Council a call on 9392 5000. 


Where do I put the items that can't go in this bin?

Fence Posts - Drop off at a Waste Management Centre

Food Scraps - These go in your red-lid garbage bin or can be composted at home

Household Garbage - Place in your red lid garbage bin

Large Logs and Tree Stumps - Drop off at a Waste Management Centre

Plastic Bags - Do not bag leaves and garden organics. Plastic bags go in your red-lid garbage bin.

Soil and Rocks - Drop these off at a Waste Management Centre

What happens to my Garden Organics Waste? ;

Our trucks will take your garden organics to a large scale organics processng facility where it is turned into high quality compost. 

Green Thumb?

Alternatively, you can compost your garden organics at home and make great fertiliser for your garden. Council's Compost Revolution program can help you with information and resources and also offers residents discounted compost bins and worm farms, delivered free to your door.

Learn more here.

Big Garden?

You can drop large amounts of garden organics off at Waste Management Centres.

*This fee is based on the Annual 2015/16 Garden Organics Waste Charge of $80.20.