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Graffiti Control

Managing Graffiti in Ashfield

Graffiti is vandalism of our public domain and is the crime of malicious damage to property.  Ashfield Council has a very strong position on the crime of graffiti.

One way to help manage this problem is to report new incidents of graffiti on private, Council or public infrastructure.

If you notice graffiti on Council property, please report it to Council and our dedicated Clean Team  (ACT) will record and remove the graffiti with a high-pressure water spray.

If your private property gets vandalised, report the incident to the police.   You can also purchase a graffiti removal kit for $24.60 from Council's Customer Service Centre. The kit will assist you to remove the graffiti quickly to prevent long-term damage.

Graffiti on public utility infrastructure, such as railway stations or road signs, should be reported to the relevant organisation.

Graffiti hotlines and emergency numbers for public utility organisations are provided below:

  • Sydney Water - 132 092 
  • Energy Australia Hotline (all Graffiti Reports on Energy Australia Assets should be reported on the 24hour/7days a week hotline - 131 525 ) 
  • RTA Graffiti Hotline - 131 700 
  • Police - Report all graffiti vandalism to Police on 131 444 or by contacting your local Police Station.

Together we will work to reduce graffiti in our municipality.

Ashfield Clean Team

Ashfield Clean Team
Ashfield Council is delighted to introduce the: -
Our team dedicated to the revitalisation and maintenance of the Ashfield Town Centre.

The Ashfield Clean Team has been established in response to strong community demand about the need to revitalise the Ashfield Town Centre and prevent and remove graffiti.



Look out for the Ashfield Clean Team undertaking tasks including:

 Removing graffiti from within the Ashfield LGA with the aim of removing all graffiti in, or visible from public areas as quickly as possible. Offensive graffiti is given priority, with a commitment for it to be removed within 48 hours of being logged.

  • Removal of posters and unauthorised signage
  • Weeding, plant replacement and garden maintenance
  • Road and footpath sweeping
  • Rubbish collection
  • Tree pruning
  • Community liaison

The team is equipped with specialised graffiti removal equipment, highly visible uniforms and a branded vehicle to ensure they are readily identifiable in the community. For more information contact 9716 1800.