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Ashfield Council was proud to be the lead Council for this exciting $1.83 million project working towards the vision of the Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay, an urban green corridor for wildlife, community and walking and cycling in Sydney's Inner West.  The GreenWay Sustainability Project was a partnership between Ashfield, City of Canterbury, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils and ran from 2009 to 2012. The Project was funded by the NSW Environmental Trust through its Urban Sustainability Program and is now complete. The four partner Councils however, are still working together to achieve the GreenWay vision.

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Key Milesteones for the GreenWay Project

Between 2009 and 2012, the GreenWay Sustainability Project worked with volunteers, schools, community groups and Councils to achieve some great milestones:Waratah Mills

  • More than 4,000 local native species have been planted in GreenWay bushcare sites
  • More than 4,200 sq m of weeds have been removed from bushcare sites
  • The GreenWay Primary Schools Sustainability Program has been developed and is now accreddited for use across the State - see the Schools Page!
  • 40 volunteers have increased their skills through free TAFE bushcare training
  • 80 community members have had their say about the future governance of the GreenWay at workshops
  • 3 local primary schoolshave piloted materials for the GreenWay Primary School Sustainability Program
  • 30 Eco Warriors explored the GreenWay as part of the 2011 GreenWay Festival
  • More than 500 people participated in events as part of the 2011 GreenWay Festival

GreenWay Online

For more information about the GreenWay visit the GreenWay website at  You can also visit the GreenWay Facebook page.


The GreenWay Sustainability Project aimed to further the work of the community and Councils towards achieving the GreenWay vision.   The Project was focussed on developing a sustainable governance model for the GreenWay, improving urban biodiversity, community and volunteer engagement and promoting active transport (walking and cycling as a mode of transport).  It was a partnership between Ashfield Council (lead), City of Canterbury, Leichhardt Council, and Marrickville Council.  The Project team also worked closely with community and state agency stakeholders.

GreenWay Sustainability EducationActivities

The GreenWay Project has implemented a range of projects and events from 2009 - 2012 which have focused on strategic partnerships and planning for sustainability, as well as worked with the community and on the ground to improve environmental conditions in the GreenWay.

Activities included:

  • Developing and piloting a GreenWay sustainability program with local primary schools, including Kegworth, Summer Hill, Ashbury and Petersham Public Schools
  • Developing an Active Transport strategy for the GreenWay
  • Forward planning for bushcare activities in the GreenWay
  • Re-launching the GreenWay website at
  • Distributing the GreenWay Newsletter GreenWay Newsletter (1.01 MB) and Survey to more than 18,000 households in the GreenWay catchment
  • Supporting local bushcare groups through provision of plants and resources
  • Hosting the GreenWay Festival in 2010 and 2011
  • Running free cycling skills workshops for residents
  • Tree plantingWorking in partnership with community stakeholders including the Inner West Environment Group, Friends of the GreenWay, the GreenWay Steering Committee, local Bicycle User Groups and residents
  • Educating the community about the value of urban biodiversity, including endangered populations such as Long-nosed Bandicoots
  • Hosting clean up and tree planting activities
  • Developing a sustainable governance model for the GreenWay in partnership with Macquarie University
  • Installing GreenWay signs
  • Being part of the campaign to integrate the GreenWay with the light rail extension from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill
  • Providing bushcare training for local volunteers; and
  • Developing and implementing a Biodiversity Strategy for the GreenWay.

And much more!  See the GreenWay website for more information, or search for "Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay" on Facebook to keep up to date and have your say.


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"Do you have a bandicoot in your backyard?"

GreenWay Newsletter September 2011 

GreenWay Bushcare Brochure

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