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Heritage Conservation

Our history and why it is important

Within Ashfield there remain valuable examples of our history in the form of buildings, subdivisions parks and streetscapes. There are Federation, Georgian and Victorian cottages, inter war bungalows, and good examples of post World War II architecture. In places such as the Haberfield heritage conservation area there are whole streets that retain their original character. These are places that are important to keep for the future. Not only are they “pieces of the past”, but they also contribute to the unique character of Ashfield. Studies show that heritage listed properties are often sought after by buyers, and a heritage listing can contribute positively to property values. The basis for listing a property can be historical, social, aesthetic, architectural or technical. Council only makes a decision to list a property after considering the owner's views as part of an extensive community consultation process.

Frequently Asked Questions about heritage listings

Please take the time to read our informative brochure that provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about heritage listing including the difference between a heritage item and a heritage conservation area.

Managing our heritage

Ashfield’s heritage is managed through the Ashfield Local Environmental (LEP) 2013 (LEP). The LEP contains planning controls for heritage places (refer Clause 5.10) and also contains a list of all heritage items and heritage conservation areas (refer Schedule 5 - Parts 1 & 2 of the LEP and the accompanying LEP Heritage Map.

Heritage inventories

View our Heritage Inventory to access explanatory details of individual or “group” heritage item listings and Statements of Significance for Heritage Conservation Areas.

Heritage Items on the State Heritage Register can be researched using the NSW Heritage Office’s State Heritage Inventory

Main Street Studies

Please view our Summer Hill and Haberfield Main Street Studies. These studies include exterior painting schemes and other useful information.

Altering a heritage listed property?

Thinking about altering or extending a heritage listed property? Consider our Heritage Advisory Service to help you with your proposal. Contact us on T. 9716 1962 to arrange an appointment (modest fee applicable).

Recognising our heritage

Although Council has engaged expert consultants to identify the heritage of Ashfield over many years, the identification of heritage is an ongoing issue, with additional items possibly yet to be discovered.

If you have any information about the history of a particular property or place which may deserve heritage listing, Council would welcome a submission. For an application to be considered, Council will need written information about the place including details of its history etc.