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HSC Collection

The HSC Collection contains items that enhance and support your study of the HSC syllabus. The collection includes textbooks and supplementary materials particulary in the special areas of study, and general texts aimed at the needs of HSC students.

This collection is expanded as the curriculum changes. Items are available to use and/or photocopy in the library and are allowed to be borrowed for 3 weeks only, there is no extensions granted, fees for overdue items do apply.

The library are currently working to develop a list of books in the English area of study "discovery". Watch this space as the list continues to grow. 


Follow the line through the house – Ljungkvist, Laura.  -

“A journey of discovery for the reader as they follow the line into the house, into the rooms and around the contents ”


Lost Horizon

Journey to the Centre of the Earth – Jules Verne

Junior fiction

The Secret Garden – by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Marie Curie

The lost city of Z : a tale of deadly obsession in the Amazon – Grann, David.

any books on the Amazon River – Discovery and exploration

The letters of George and Elizabeth Bass – Estensen, Miriam.

any books on Australia and Pacific Ocean – Discovery

Atlantic Ocean : the illustrated history of the ocean that changed the world – Sandler, Martin W.

French explorers and Sydney – Dyer, Colin.

Blood and ice – Masello, Robert.

Banksias – Collins, Kevin (Kevin Lloyd)  – History and discovery of banksias

Voyages of discovery – Rice, A. L.

Cook’s Endeavour journal : the inside story – National Library of Australia.

The camel who crossed Australia – French, Jackie.  –JF

Dinomummy : the life, death and discovery of Dakota, a dinosaur from Hell Creek – Manning, Phillip Lars, 1967-

Australia in maps : great maps in Australia’s history from the National Library’s collection – National Library of Australia.

Select Documents in Australian History – for a short 1-3 page articles on various discoveries

Spirit of the Polar regions – Cheshire, Gerard, 1965-

Voyages to the South Seas : in search of Terres Australes – Clode, Danielle.

The discovery of the source of the Nile – Speke, John Hanning

Mr Stuart’s track : the forgotten life of Australia’s greatest explorer – Bailey, John, 1944-

The explorers : epic first-hand accounts of exploration in Australia – Flannery, Tim

1606, an epic adventure – McHugh, Evan.

The Mermaid tree : how a tiny unknown ship opened Australia’s north and west to development, dreams and disappointment – Tiley, Robert, 1959-

Pioneers of the Pacific : voyages of exploration 1787-1810 – Rigby, Nigel.

Australia‘s great explorers – Gregory, Dennis, 1940-



Secret Garden

Star Wars – the discovery of who Luke Skywalker is and who Darth Vader is

Journey to the Centre of the earth

Madame Curie – starring Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeo – discoveries in scince

Medicine Man – starring Sean Connery – discoveries in science

The Mission starring Robert De Nrio and Jeremy Irons – exploration discovery


 For historical discoveries look for first person accounts/diary accounts or newspaper articles of the time

Discovery of tomb of Antony and Cleopatra

Discovery of Tutankhamens tomb

Discovery of the Rosetta Stone

Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls


TV Advertising

It’s easy to lose yourself in Melbourne
A girl visiting Melbourne ties the end of a massive red ball of string to her hotel bedpost and follows the ball around the city. The ad shows off Melbourne’s intricate network of laneways, staircases, arcades and doorways. The heroine follows the string through this maze, passing the concealed bars, galleries and boutiques that Melbourne is famous for. After passing through some intriguing locations, she arrives in a park and spots a blue string winding through the gardens. She follows it down alleyways and through a door covered in graffiti before emerging on a beautiful gothic rooftop overlooking the city. Waiting for her in the roof garden is a young man—standing next to a ball of blue string. The final scenes show different-coloured strings winding through the city and ends with the line, “It’s easy to lose yourself in Melbourne”. 

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