Inner West Council

Information about Council

The following information contained in the current version and the most recent previous versions of the following records are also prescribed as open access information:

  • The model code and the adopted code of conduct
  • Code of meeting practice
  • Annual report
  • Annual financial reports
  • Council's plan and annual plan
  • EEO management plan
  • Councillor’s Expenses and Facilities policy
  • Annual reports of bodies exercising functions delegated by Council
  • Any codes referred to in the LGA.

 Information contained in the following records:

  • Returns of the interests of Councillors and designated persons
  • Agendas, business papers and minutes of Council and Committee meetings please click here
  • Departmental representative reports

 All information listed above can be accessed through this website. An Agency Information Guide is also available and can be accessed here: 

Council Information Guide - October 2013 (500.21 KB)