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Lead is a metal found in many products and in many places in the environment. Lead entering our bodies may cause serious long-term health problems, especially for young children.

When is lead considered a risk to our health?

  • Have you renovated a pre-1970 home or do you live on a busy road?
  • Does your pre-1970 home have peeling or chalking paint?
  • Was the paint on you or your neighbour’s pre-1970 property ever sand or water blasted or renovated using sanding or some other unsafe dust creating method?
  • Does a member of the household work with lead or use it in a hobby?
  • Do you live near a source of lead contamination (eg. lead smelter, market garden once sprayed with lead arsenate, municipal incinerator, car repairer where paint is stripped, battery breaking yard).

It is important that you know about lead poisoning and how it is caused, especially if you're a parent or plan to be one.

You can take many simple actions that will protect your family from lead. Some practical measures recommended include:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Using lead safe house keeping techniques
  • Keeping kids play areas safe
  • Taking care if renovating a pre-1970 house
  • Protecting yourself from lead at work

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