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Roads and Maritime Services is legislated as the organisation responsible for the control of traffic on all roads in New South Wales.

Roads and Maritime Services delegates certain aspects of the control of traffic on Regional and Local Roads to the Councils of Local Government areas.

The Local Traffic Committee (LTC) has no decision-making powers and is primarily a technical review committee. It only advises the Council on matters for which the Council has delegated authority, being certain prescribed traffic control devices and traffic control facilities.

The Council must refer all traffic related matters to the LTC prior to exercising its delegated functions. Matters related to State Roads or functions that have not been delegated to the elected Council must be referred directly to Roads and Maritime Services or relevant organisation. Such matters must not be referred to the LTC.

Council is not bound by the advice given by its LTC. However if Council does wish to act contrary to the unanimous advice of the LTC or when the advice is not unanimous, it must notify Roads and Maritime Services & the NSW Police and wait 14 days before proceeding.

For access to business papers for all future traffic meetings please go to the Inner West Council website (see HERE)

Inner West Council Transitional Meeting 03 June 2016 - Agenda
 Inner West Council Transitional Meeting 03 June 2016 - Minutes

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