Inner West Council

Main Street Studies

What is a main street study?

Council's heritage consultants previously carried out Main Street Studies for the Business Centres of Haberfield and Summer Hill. Main Street is a program designed to improve the street appearance and quality of buildings. It is a program for retailers, building owners, Council and residents. Although carried out a few years ago, the studies are an invaluable source of information about individual buildings in these business centres. As part of the study, we surveyed each building and compiled data sheets for buildings. The data sheets include information about a building's age, architectural style, present and former uses, whether it appears on any heritage list, how important it is to the general appearance of the street, and a suggested external paint scheme. Some data sheets also feature copies of old photos of the building. All have a current photograph of the property. Where appropriate, suggestions for improving building condition are provided.

Recommended painting schemes and quicker approvals

Our consultants prepared the painting schemes for the area based on heritage colours that would have been used originally on historic buildings. The purpose of the schemes is to encourage owners and tenants to improve their buildings in order to upgrade the area using heritage themes. You do not have to paint your building. However, if and when you want to paint it, you might consider using our recommended schemes.
Painting heritage-affected buildings may need Council approval if it is more than just routine maintenance. By using one of our painting schemes or an original or other acceptable scheme we can fast track the approval process by avoiding the need for you to lodge a formal development application.

Simply write to Council with details of the names of the individual paint colours to be used and showing where they will be applied on the building (you can mark up a photograph to show this).

If we agree with your proposal we will quickly send you a letter authorising the work. Using an appropriate colour scheme will help to improve the appearance of the building within a chosen heritage theme, making it more attractive to customers, clients and everyone who visits or passes through the area. Well-maintained buildings painted in appropriate colours can dramatically improve the character and appearance of the business centres.

Our Main Street paint schemes are also a useful guide for painting traditional commercial buildings anywhere in Ashfield including, for example, properties in the Ashfield Town Centre and in Croydon. It doesn't matter whether or not your property is affected by heritage controls for the paint schemes to be helpful.

The recommended painting schemes reflect the time the buildings were constructed. Although they are not accurate reconstructions, the schemes are based on an experienced understanding of traditional buildings. No one needs to follow the suggested schemes where the building's original colours are known. Using original colour schemes is always the best conservation option. Early black and white photographs can provide information on colour contrasts and tonings. Where old photographs of your building cannot be found, pictures of similar buildings may provide useful information. Important. Don't paint unpainted building elements or those that were unpainted originally unless the unpainted surfaces are in very poor condition, in which case you should paint them to look as much like unpainted surfaces as possible.

Council's paint schemes for Haberfield and Summer Hill are based on heritage colours taken from a previous Haymes Paints range called “ Colour Inspirations ”. These colours can be mixed at any Haymes paint outlet or at a local specialist paint shop