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Haberfield Village Footpath Renewal Project

This project has been completed.

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Ashfield Town Centre Renewal Project

Have your say on a new bold and innovative project to renew and revitalise the Ashfield Town Centre.

The Mayor of Ashfield, Councillor Lucille McKenna OAM, said Council was looking to renew the town centre’s public spaces to make Ashfield a warmer, even livelier destination to visit, as well as a better place to do business.

She said the plans, developed by Council with an urban design specialist, are set to transform the local area through an exciting Public Domain Strategy and Masterplan.

“Council, in conjunction with local residents, business, community groups and other government agencies, is beginning work on its Public Domain Strategy and Masterplan - the definitive blueprint for what will be created and built within Ashfield town centre’s public spaces,” Councillor McKenna said.

“The wish list includes greener spaces, better street furniture, improving the presentation of our shop fronts, creating new opportunities for community and social connection, and activating our laneways.

“We also want to look at ways to make our centre more pedestrian and bike-friendly, improving traffic movement, incorporating community art, re-considering commuter car parking, and utilising safe, sustainable lighting.

“We want to look at ways to make our spaces safe and welcoming for everyone by nurturing design excellence, whilst protecting heritage elements within our centre.”

Interested in joining in the conversation? There are many ways to get involved;

  • Visit the boards on display at Customer Service, in the Civic Centre building
  • Look out for invitations to public meetings, open houses and community activities in the Courier and on Council’s website
  • Visit our project website here and comment via the interactive tool ‘Collaborative Map’
  • Contact Council’s Town Centre Project staff on 9716 1800

Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment

The Ashfield Aquatic Centre has over 350,000 customers per year.  It is also hosts a highly successful swim school, which has an average of 15,000 visits per month.

In 2007, Council completed a report detailing the poor condition of the various components of the indoor and outdoor pools at the Ashfield Aquatic Centre.  This report recognised that there would need to be significant funding allocated to keep the facilities at an appropriate usable standard.  Specific works were also raised and required to be funded to meet the NSW Department of Health Guidelines for Public Swimming Pools.

The technical reports in particular indicated the 50 metre outdoor pool was at the end of its technical life and required major repairs or replacement. The likely cost in the next 10 years to continue to keep all of the current pools open safely was estimated at $5 to $7 million.

Community consultation has identified that the Aquatic Centre is a highly valued and important community asset and that the continued safe and functional operation of the Aquatic Centre is desired.  In August 2014, Council undertook community consultation to determine the scope and extent of the redevelopment, including:

·    Option 1: No Aquatic Centre improvement
·    Option 2: $10M partial upgrade to Aquatic Centre
·    Option 3: $14M partial upgrade to Aquatic Centre
·    Option 4: $25M full upgrade to Aquatic Centre

Ashfield Council has resolved to fund a $14 million redevelopment of the Ashfield Aquatic Centre, including:

·    New indoor 25m pool
·    New 50 m pool
·    Retention of existing indoor pool
·    Demolition of all outdoor pools
·    New passive play space
·    New Olympic size water polo pool with new plant
·    Retain and repurpose existing buildings

Funding of the $14 million redevelopment will come from an approved Special Rate Variation.

Concept Diagrams

Concept diagrams have been prepared and are available here.

Further Information

Further information is available in the following reports:

  • The SRV Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment Capital Expenditure Review  can be viewed here.
  • The Ashfield Council Report to Works and Services Committee held on Tuesday 21 July 2015, can be viewed here.
  • The Ashfield Council – Report to Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 28 July 2015, can be viewed here.
  • The Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment Steering Committee - Terms of Reference, can be viewed here.

Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment Steering Committee

The Ashfield Aquatic Centre Redevelopment Steering Committee meets monthly. The agendas and minutes of these meetings are available on the Business Papers section of Council's website, and are available for viewing here.