Inner West Council


Have Your Say:  Attending and pre registration to speak at Council meetings

For information regarding pre-registration to speak at Council meetings please click HERE and you will be directed to the Inner West Council website meetings page.

The Council Meeting is the peak decision making forum of Council. Members of the public are invited to attend Council meetings and may speak on matters included in the agenda of the meeting. 

The only exception to this is when Council is dealing with confidential matters. This is called ‘closed committee' and might involve matters of a legal or personnel nature. There is normally a notation on the Agenda relating to such matters.

Council values the input of members of the public in the consideration of issues determined by Council.
Council guarantees to:

  • Publicise the time and date of meetings of Council and Council Committees as per Council's obligations under the Local Government Act,
  • Make agendas and business papers available to interested persons prior to meetings as per Council's obligations under the Local Government Act,
  • Provide opportunities for members of the public to address Meetings of Council and Council Committees,
  • Take into account insofar as they are relevant the points of view expressed by members of the public on issues for decision.