Inner West Council

Mobile Printing Service At Ashfield

Printing from home and other remote locations is now available at Ashfield Library. If you have access to the internet, you can send documents, photos, emails, webpages and more from your computer or mobile device to be printed at Ashfield Library. Submit your print job via one of the methods below and come to the library during opening hours to release and collect your print job.

There are three ways to send print jobs to Ashfield Library Print Release Terminal.

1. Ashfield Library PrinterOn website

Visit the website and follow the directions for uploading your document. After submitting your document, a job reference number will be dsplayed. Visit the library to release your print job from the Print Release Terminal.

2. Mobile PrinterOn App

Download the printing app for:

iPhone and iPad



3. Email Printing

To print an email message or attachment, simply forward your email to

A4 Black and White Single Sided :  or

A4 Black and White Double Sided :  or

A4 Colour Single Sided :  or

A4 Colour Double Sided :  or

A3 Black and White Single Sided :  or

A3 Black and White Double Sided :  or

A3 Colour Single Sided :  or

A3 Colour Double Sided :  or

You will be sent an email with a release code for the email message and each attachment. Use these release codes to retrieve your documents.  Email forwarding is ideal for online email portals such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Google Mail.