Inner West Council


Releases 2016

View the latest Inner West Council media releases here.

    Month Media Release Date
    July Media Release - Residents urged to Get Outside and Grow on National Tree Day 21/7/2016
    June Media Release - Countdown to Comic Con-versation 20/6/2016
      Media Release Ashfield Aquatic Centre pool closures 14/6/2016
      Winning Climate-Smart Bus Shelter Designs to be Announced 2/6/2016
    May Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in July 31/5/2016
      Media Release - Victory for Tigers at National Simultatneous Storytime 30/5/2016
      Media Release - Comic Con-versation heading to a Library near you 27/5/2016 
      Media Release - Bay Run upgrade works now underway 27/5/2016 
      Media Release - Administrator Pledges to Represent Inner West Residents 20/5/2016
      Media Releae - Inner West Council Administrator and Interim GM 17/5/2016
      Media Release - Business As Usual for New Inner West Council 17/5/2016 
      Media Release - National Simultaneous Storytime 2016 10/5/2016
      Media Release - New plalyground at Richard Murden Reserve 10/5/2016
      Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in June 10/5/2016 
      Media Release - Celebrate National Families Week at Ashfield 5/5/2016

Media Release - Local streets transformed under resheeting program

      Media Release - Free waste app launched by Ashfield Council 15/4/2016
      Media Release - Council's $5.2 million project wins award 12/4/2016 
      Media Release - Sydney Writers' Festival comes to town 5/4/2016
      Media Release - Centenary Park set for makeover 4/4/2016
      Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in May 4/4/2016
      Media Release - Local Mayors Question Forced Job Application 1/4/2016
    March Media Release - Carnival of Cultures a fantastic success 21/3/2016
      Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in April 21/3/2016
      Media Release - Sportsgrounds get million dollar overhaul 21/3/2016
      Media Release - Sporting fields get new lease of light 7/3/2016 
      Media Release - Aquatic Centre upgrade 1/3/2016
      Media Release - Bay Run upgrade works 1/3/2016
    February Media Release - 2016 Carnival of Cultures 25/2/2016
      Media Release - Wanted: Community Volunteers for Clean Up Australia Day 19/2/2016
      Media Release - WestConnex concerns ignored again 16/2/2016 
      Media Release - March Authors at Ashfield 8/2/2016
      Media Release - Residents frustrated by proposed Councils merger 4/2/2016
      Media Release - Bus Shelter Design Competition 2/2/2016
    January Media Release - Ashfield Lunar New Year Events 29/1/2016
      Media Release - 2016 Australia Day Award Winners 26/1/2016
      Media Release - Last chance to Have Your Say on forced amalgamations 15/1/2016
      Media Release - Free Australia Day activities at Ashfield Aquatic Centre 13/1/2016
      Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in February 11/1/2016
      Media Release -Mayor urges community to have their say on forced mergers 11/1/2016

Media Releases 2015


  Month Media Release Date
  December Media Release - End of an era for Ashfield 18/12/15
    Media Release -Tribute to former GM Dr David Niven 8/12/15
    Media Release - Milkshake legend honoured in Summer Hill 8/12/15
    Media Release - Mayor asks GM to investigate merger prospects 27/10/15
  November Media Release - Who will be our community grants winners? 25/11/15
    Media Release - Ashfield to unite against men's violence to women 18/11/15
    Media Release - What a waste - time for a revolution 17/11/15
    Media Release - Ashfield Leichhardt and Marrickville to Submit Joint Merger Preference 11/11/15
  October Media  27/10/15
    Meda Release - Pedestiran Bridge offiically opened 27/10/15
    Media Release - Mayor seeks urgent talks on future of Ashfield 20/10/15
    Media Release - Nominations for the 2016 Australia Day Awards open 19/10/15
    Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in November 19/10/15
    Media Release - Retail Reno shopfront project 13/10/15
    Media Release - Graffiti Removal Day 6/10/15
    Media Release- Family Feasting Fun at Feast of Flavours 1/10/15
  September Media Release - Ashfield Council Small Business Friendly 22/9/15 
    Media Release - Ashfield Mayoral elections 2015 22/9/15
    Media Release - Stay safe in the surf - get Rip aware 17/9/15
    Media Release - October Authors at Ashfield 14/9/15
    Media Release - WestConnex EIS raises alarm 11/9/15
    Media Release - Mayor slams WestConnex EIS 9/9/15
    Media Release - Comic Con-versation comes to Ashfield 7/9/15
    Media Release - Authors at Ashfield September 1/9/15
  August Media Release - Artist in Residence Exhibition - out of the cube 31/8/15
    Media Release - Ashfield Council rejects forced amalgamations 21/8/15
    Media Release -Ashfield Youth Theatre to perform Punk Rock 5/8/15
    CAST BIOS AND PROFILES -Ashfield Youth Theatre - Punk Rock 5/8/15
    Media Release - Compost revolution event with Indira Naidoo 3/8/15
  July Media Release- WestConnex distress- community upset over purchase of new homes 31/7/15
    Media Release - Grants scheme information session 28/7/15
    Media Release - Get out and grow on National Tree Day 7/7/15
  June Media Release - Artist in Residence calling beautiful people 23/6/15 
    Media Release - Authors at Ashfield for July 16/6/15
    Media Release - Westconnex devastating for local community  9/6/15
    Media Release - Local streets transformed 1/6/15
  May Media Release - Mayor welcomes headspace to Ashfield 29/5/15 
    Media Release - Council welcomes Special Rate Variation 19/5/15
    Media Release - Parks and Gardens get a new lease of life 19/5/15
    Media Release - Eco living baby clothing and toy swap 12/5/15
    Media Release - Driving Small Business Success 5/5/15
    Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in June 5/5/2015
  April Media Release - Authors at Ashfield May 21/4/2015
    Media Release - Honour Board unveiled in Haberfield 20/4/2015
    Media Release - Mayor opens new public car park 13/5/2015
    Media Release - Sydney Writers Festival 2015 13/5/2015
    On your bike! New signs for cyclists 1/4/2015
  March Ashfield Library to launch Nepali book collection 25/3/2015
    Media Release - Great day out at the Carnival of Cultures 23/3/2015
    $450,000 awarded to Metro Assist under SkillME 5/3/2015
    Seniors Week 2015 3/3/15
    Media Alert - Countdown to the Carnival of Cultures 3/3/2015
    2015 Carnival of Cultures 4/3/2015
  February Ashfield Council to talk to the community about_amalgamations 25/2/15
              Media Release - Authors at Ashfield in March                                                                  10/2/15
  January Authors at Ashfield this February 9/1/15
    Media Release - Australia Day Award Winners 2015  


Media Releases 2014


Month Media Release Date
November Ashfield Access Committtee spotlights flawed website 28/11/14
  Hurry - nominations for Australia Day Awards closing  10/11/14
  Haberfield Festa caps off Feast of Flavours success 3/11/14
October Mayor to Launch Historic Aboriginal Tree Trunk Artwork 31/10/14
  New Artist in Residence for Ashfield 27/10/14
  Ashfield Council supporting White Ribbon Day 27/10/14
  Ashfield Library Services - A place for us all 27/10/14
  Nominations open for 2015 Australia Day Awards 14/10/14
  Graffiti Removal Day - Sunday 26 October 13/10/14
  Thousands turn out to savour local treats 13/10/14
   November Authors at Ashfield 13/10/14
  Ashfield's inaugral Kiwi artist in residence! 9/10/14
 September Library's first comic convention astounding hit 26/9/14
  Authors at Ashfield this October 17/9/14
  Family fun at Feast of Flavours 12/9/14
  Last Chance for Grants Money 12/9/14
  Councillor Lucille McKenna re-elected as mayor.pdf 12/9/14
  Your Say Your Future Special Rate Variation 8/9/14
 August Garbage backlog to be cleared by Tuesday 22/8/2014
  Disruptions in garbage collection services 20/8/2014
  Adult Learners' Week 18/8/2014 
  Free comic convention at Ashfield Library 15/8/2014
  Free online music 'Freegal' launched 12/8/2014
  Authors at Ashfield in September 5/8/2014
  Calling artists to take up Residence, August 4, 2014 4/8/2014
  2014 Arts Community and Environment Grants Scheme open 4/8/2014
  Your Tutor Program Helping Students 4/8/2014


Authors at Ashfield for August 10/7/2014
June Ashfield Council celebrates NAIDOC Week 24/6/2014
  Ashfield Town Centre Renewal 16/6/2014
  Free Small Business Advice 10/6/2014
  Artist in Residence Exhibition and Screening 10/6/2014
  Authors at Ashfield for July 10/6/2014


Authors at Ashfield for June 12/5/2014
  Inner West Local Business Awards Closing Soon 1/5/2014
  Reconciliation Event 1/5/2014


April Authors at Ashfield in May 8/4/2014
  Sydney Writers' Festival comes to Ashfield 8/4/2014
March Heritage Week Caption Competition 31/3/2014
  Ashfield's Eco Challenge Winner 28/3/2014
  Ashfield ClubGRANTS 2014 27/3/2014
  Carnival of Cultures 2014 17/3/2014
  Community and Environmental Grants awarded 17/3/2014
  Authors at Ashfield for April 10/3/2014
  Kids set to steal the show at Carnival of Cultures  7/3/2014
  Performance Bonanza at Carnival of Cultures 6/3/2014
  Free fun at the Carnival of Cultures 4/3/2014
February Authors at Ashfield for March 19/2/2014
January Mayor of Ashfield awarded OAM 29/1/2014
  Australia Day Award Winners 2014 26/1/2014
  Local Studies Room Opens 13/1/2014
  Authors at Ashfield for February 13/1/2014



Media Releases 2013

Month Media Release Date
January Ashfield Pool Celebrates 50 years 21/1/13
  Pop up Garden 24/1/13
  Australia Day Award Winners 2013 26/1/13
  Authors at Ashfield - February 29/1/13
February Authors at Ashfield - March 12/2/13
  Carnival of Cultures thanks Major Sponsor 28/2/13
  Free fun at the Carnival of Cultures 28/2/13
March Authors at Ashfield - April 4/3/13
April Authors at Ashfield - May 8/4/13
  Sydney Writers Festival Event 16/4/13
  No Forced Amalgamations 30/4/13
May Pensioner Rebate Proposed 1/5/13
  Authors at Ashfield - June 7/5/13
  Sydney Writers Festival Event 7/5/13
  Authors at Ashfield - June extra talk  21/5/13
June  Choral Masterclass 4/6/13
   Authors at Ashfield - July 4/6/13
July  Naidoc Week 4/7/13
   National Tree Day 9/7/13
   Authors at Ashfield - August 9/7/13
   Authors at Ashfield - September 30/7/13
August  Grants Writing Workshop 7/8/13
   Your Tutor Program 20/8/13
   National Poetry Week 21/8/13
   Centenary Park Upgrade 23/8/13
   Events at Ashfield 28/8/13
   Have your Say in Ashfield 29/8/13
September Authors at Ashfield October 2/9/13
  Minister Set to Approve Ashfield LEP 12/9/13
  Feast of Flavours in Ashfield 25/9/13
  Mental Health Month at Ashfield

October Ashfield Elects First Female Mayor 1/10/13
  Authors at Ashfield in November 3/10/13
  Read This Event 2013 3/10/13
  Graffiti Removal Day 15/10/13
  New Waste Contract Helps the Environment 15/10/13
  Grants Scheme Open to Community Groups 18/10/13
November Australia Day Awards Now Open 4/11/13
  Authors at Ashfield December 18/11/13
  Australia Day Nominations set to Close 19/11/13
  Artist in Residence Anniversary Exhibition


 December  Christmas Tree Pick up  12/12/13
   WestConnex Public Meeting  12/12/13
   WestConnex Motorway Meeting  17/12/13