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Parking practices in the Ashfield area have changed. Over the last few years the demand for parking on the street has substantially increased. This is highly unlikely to change, as Ashfield is part of Inner Sydney.

Please make sure you are familiar with the Road Rules, especially in relation to where you can and cannot park a vehicle, such as bus zones, near intersections, etc. As some of these zones are not required to be sign posted. The Road Rules for NSW can be found at Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) website.

Council’s public carparks:

Most of Council's carparks have time limits. Council's carparks are located at:

  • Ashfield rooftop of Ashfield Mall
  • Ashfield basement of the residential tower at Brown Street near the railway underpass
  • Ashfield commuter carpark near Ashfield railway station off Brown Street
  • Summer Hill off Hardie Avenue
  • Haberfield 69 Dalhousie Street, south of the traffic lights at Ramsay Street
  • Haberfield near Federation Place, entry off Gillies Avenue
  • Haberfield beside the Library
  • Croydon to the east side of the aquatic centre, entry off Elizabeth Street (4-6 Bastable Street)

Resident Parking Schemes

Ashfield Council has introduced Resident Parking Schemes in some areas to improve parking opportunities for residents within their own street as well as sharing the parking opportunities more equitably between residents, commuters and workers in the area.

Ashfield Council’s Resident Parking Schemes are more flexible than many in other Local Government Areas. Resident Parking Schemes within the Ashfield LGA generally only have parking limits to one side of the street, leaving the other side unrestricted (i.e. anyone can park there as long as they like). This allows residents with multiple cars, visitors, local workers, commuters and others continued access to unrestricted parking in these spaces. Most streets in the scheme areas have parking time limited to 2 hours between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday along one side of the street. There are no parking limits overnight or on the weekend. Resident’s vehicles displaying a valid Resident Parking Permit can park anywhere in the street (in line with the Road Rules) for as long as they like.

The resident parking schemes are located at:

  • Ashfield town centre – south (Area 1). See map here
  • Ashfield town centre – west (Area 2). See map  here
  • Ashfield town centre – north (Area 3). See map here.
  • Croydon town centre - east (area 6). See map here.
  • Ashfield – west (Area 7). See map here.
  • Croydon – near Parramatta Road (area 8). See map here.
  • Haberfield - South (area 9). See map here.
  • Summer Hill - north of rail line(area 10). See map here.
  • Ashfield - (Area 11). See map here.
  • Summer Hill - south of rail line(area 12). See map here.
  • Summer Hill - south of rail line (area 13). See map here.
  • Overall Map.  See map here.

Resident Parking Permits

Details on eligibility for Resident Parking Permits and Council’s processes are explained in:

  • Council’s Resident Parking Permit Scheme Policy. See copy here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions. See a copy here.

In summary, ONLY residents who live within the resident parking scheme area can apply for Resident Parking Permits. Certain types of properties are not entitled to permits. Also Resident Parking Permits are only issued to cars and motorcycles – not boats, caravans, buses, trailers, trucks and unregistered vehicles.

The maximum number of Resident Parking Permits per property is two and depends on how many parking spaces are on the property (including garages, driveways) and the number of vehicles registered to the property. The table below provides a rough guide.

Parking spaces on property

Maximum number of Permits




1 - more than one vehicle

0 – one vehicle

2 or more


The permits are valid for 12 months. The first permit annually is free, and the second permit costs $53.50. All other fees can be found in Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges. See a copy here.

The application process for a Resident Parking Permit requires the following (at minimum):

  • Completed application form. See form here.
  • A copy of  the vehicle registration papers
  • Proof of your place of residence

Applications are lodged at Council’s Customer Service Centre or via post or email. Most applications are processed within 10 days.

Health Carers Parking Permits

Health Carers Parking Permits are a permit to support members of our community who rely on a carer for support in their day-to-day life. It entitles the permit holder to unrestricted parking where signs say 'Permit Holders Excepted' together with the Area to which the permit applies.

Ashfield Council makes provision under its resident parking scheme policy for residents to obtain a permit (or permits) for their carers. These permits may be issued to carers in lieu of some or all of the resident's entitlement to resident parking permits. Although the permits are essentially for organisations directly involved in providing home care services (eg. Department of Community Services - Ageing disability and homecare, NSW Department of Health - Area Health Service) non-accredited personal carers (such as non-resident family members), can also avail themselves of Council's carers permit system for local residents.

Each carer's permit is issued for a specific vehicle registration and may not be transferred from one vehicle to another. Residents (or the carer, if the resident is unable to complete the application form) apply for a carer's permit by completing a resident parking permit application or by writing in with details of the need for a carers parking permit as outlined in Council’s Resident Parking Policy. The application form can be located here (PDF). Applications should be accompanied by proof of the need for the resident to receive regular and ongoing care (eg letter from the resident's doctor and/or from the care organisation) Further information on carers permits is also available in Council's Resident Parking Permit Policy here (PDF)

Other Parking matters

Parking management in a local area can be a complex issue because it involves considering a number of factors, such as the Road Rules, road function, road characteristics, traffic characteristics, road safety, road user behaviour, and resident, business, developer and community support. Parking management treatments include, No Stopping restrictions, No Parking restrictions, parking restrictions, bus zones, construction zones, disabled parking zones, etc. Some parking measures may be temporary while others are permanent.

Council is in the process of developing a Parking Management Program to manage all investigations and proposed parking measures. This Program will provide Council with a systematic and comprehensive approach to managing most of the parking issues.

Should you wish to provide input into Council’s Parking Management Program, please forward your comments using the Parking comments form or via an email to It is always more helpful if you explain the issue rather than suggesting solutions.

  1. What is the parking issue?
  2. Why is it an issue?
  3. When or how often does this issue occur?
  4. Who does it mainly impact?
  5. What are your suggestions to resolve it?

Please visit our Rangers page for more information in relation to enforcing parking.