Inner West Council

This page lists policies of the former Ashfield Council, which was merged with Leichhardt and Marrickville councils in May 2016 to form Inner West Council.

Please refer to the Inner West Council policies page for a list of policies for the new council.

A to Z Current Policy and Corporate Plan List for the former Ashfield Council

A range of policy documents are provided on this page in Adobe Reader pdf format. 
Click on the links below to download or view any of these policies. Adobe Reader can be
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Archived policies which have been superseded can be located by clicking here.

A Social Snapshot of Ashfield Report - September 2013 (1020.24 KB)
Abandoned shopping trolleys policy
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Booklet
Access to Council Information Policy
Annual Plan 2014 - 2015
Annual Reports
Art Collection Policy
Ashfield Civic Centre Venue Usage Policy
Assets Disposal Policy - Property and Other Assets
Audio Recording of Council Meetings Policy 2013 (196.00 KB)

Borrowings & Asset Financing (Debt) Policy
Boundary Roads Maintenance Agreement

Change of Property Numbers Policy
Charitable Collections Policy    
Colourbond Fencing Use Policy
Commercial Street Vending and Mobile Vending Vehicles Policy
Community Gardening Policy July 2012
Community Plan 2023  
Companion Animals Management Plan 2009                                                                                                                                                          
Computer Software and Hardware Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Council Information Guide - October 2013
Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy - October 2015
Council Plan 2014 - 2018
Council Work on Private Property Policy       
Council Committee Structure and Terms of Reference
Culturally Diverse Society Principles Policy 
Cultural Plan
Customer Complaints Policy

Development Control Plan

Enforcement Policy
Equal Opportunity and Employment Plan

Fees and Charges 2016-2017
Filming In Ashfield Policy
Financial Statements 2015-2016
Food Safety Compliance And Enforcement
Footpath Repair and Maintenance Policy
Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy
Garbage Bins Lost or Stolen Policy 
Gifts and Benefits Policy 2014  (368.92 KB)
Graffitti removal policy

Inner West Council Grants Program 2016/17 Guidelines
Integrated Water Management Plan
Internal Reporting Policy March 2015
Investment Policy - April 2015

Leasing Policy
Library Collection Development Policy
Library Use of Ashfield Library Policy     
Library Public Use of Internet Policy  
Local Ethnic Affairs Policy
Local Environmental Plan
Local Orders Policy  
Long Term Financial Plan 2016-2025

Media Relations Policy
Mediation Policy         
Mowing of Verges Policy    

Naming of Public Reserves Policy     
Noxious Weeds Policy 2012-2015
Notification Policy

OHS Risk Management Policy    
Outdoor Dining and Footpath Trading Policy

Pensioner Rebates Policy
Planting of Additional Trees in Parks and Reserves Policy
Policy Development
Policy Evaluation Framework
Provision of Information to Councillors Policy 2011
Public Art Policy
Public Art in Private Developments
Public Exhibition Procedure
Public Notification in the Planning Process and all aspects of Land Management
Purchasing Policy and Procedure Non Tender 


Rates Hardship Policy
Recognition of the Aboriginal Community Policy
Reconciliation Action Plan 2014-2016
Refund of Waste Charges Policy
Register of Delegations: Mayor/General Manager/Deputy Mayor/committees of Council 2013 (301.11 KB)
Resident Parking Permit Scheme 2013
Risk Management Policy
Risk Management Procedure 2013

Sustainable Ashfield - Sustainable Development Policy
Section 94 Contributions Plan (1.92 MB)
Section 94A Contributions Plan (2.13 MB)
Social Media Policy
Social Plan
Smoke Free Public Parks and Sports Venues Policy
Sponsorship and Small Donations Policy 2014
Staff Expenses and Facilities Policy
Statement of Business Ethics
Street Entertainment Policy
Street Tree Strategy - Part A: Strategy
Street Tree Strategy - Part B: Street Tree Management Guidelines & Policies
Street Tree Strategy - Part C: Technical Guidelines, Details and Specifications
Supporting Car Share Parking Policy
Sustainable Event Management Policy
Sustainability Action Plan

Tree Preservation Policy 2016 - Found in DCP 2016, Chapter C, Sustainability, Tree Presevation and Management.


Volunteering Policy








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