Inner West Council

Ashfield Council's Pre-lodgement Development Application Advisory Services

We recommend that you make an appointment to discuss this type of proposal with our pre-lodgement development advisory panel before you lodge your DA. This is a weekly service and is appropriate for certain types of developments – for example, flats or substantial commercial developments.

The service aims to provide a better understanding of the DA process and ensure there is consistency and continuity in comment provided by Council. It also provides information for the applicant's discussion with neighbours so that potential conflicts may be avoided before an application is lodged.

A friendly, multi-disciplinary team of officers staffs the team. You should review the planning controls relevant to your proposal before the meeting takes place (refer to the Ashfield Local Environmental Plan and any relevant Development Control Plans as appropriate). Having useful documentation available at the meeting such as preliminary plans and photographs will help us provide a meaningful response.

You can book a Pre-DA Consultation meeting at our Customer Service Centre or contact us on 9716 1800 to make an appointment.  A fee, related to the type of development proposal, is required for this service.   Refer to Council's Fees & Charges.

If your proposal is affected by State Environmental Planning Policy No.65 (SEPP 65) - Design Quality of Residential Flat Development, please click here to read Council's "Design Verification Statement Policy"

Heritage proposal
Council has heritage advisers on board who attend Council fortnightly to provide expert advice about development involving heritage items or about more complex developments in Heritage Conservation Areas.
If this describes your proposal, contact the Area Planning and Building Officer on 9716 1800 before lodging your application to find out whether you should speak to one of our advisers. Council staff and heritage advisers are here to help.

What do I need to prepare?
In order to enable all relevant officers to visit the site and prepare comments before the meeting, an application form, six copies of the proposed plans and all supporting documentation must be lodged with Council at least eight days before the Pre-DA Consultation meeting date.

Plans do not need to be DA lodgement standard, however we can provide more useful comments if greater details on your proposal are provided.

As a minimum, plans and elevations showing any alterations or additions (in colour) must be provided.

The following information should also be provided:

  • Site analysis and design response
  • Shadow plans
  • Survey plan including levels and showing vegetation
  • Draft geotechnical /stormwater / traffic / acid sulfate soils reports if applicable
  • Preliminary demolition report for full or substantial demolition, if applicable
  • Preliminary statement of heritage impact, if applicable
  • Draft statement of the environmental effects (SEE) which should include floor space and other numeric calculations.

What happens after the meeting?
After the meeting, applicants will receive a letter, which incorporates the minutes from the meeting, outlines the applicable controls and identifies issues that may need to be addressed in the DA.

The Pre-DA Consultation Service can not determine the outcome of an application and does not bind Council. The service provides useful early comment regarding a proposal and can help the applicant in determining whether to proceed with a proposal.