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Recycling it's easy! Watch this Inspector Bin video to learn more about which items you can recycle.

What can I recycle?


When is my recycling collected?

This information is relevant to the Ashfield Service Area only.

Your 240L recycling bin, with the yellow lid, is emptied fortnightly on the same day as your garbage bin.

To have the current recycling calendar sent to your address please call Council on 9392 5000 or

Click here for Zone 1 or Zone 2 for your recycling calendar. Don't know your zone? Click here to find your recycling zone.

What happens to my recycling?

Your recycling is taken to one of Visy Recycling's Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) where it is sorted into the various recyclable streams. Some items are separated by machinery and some by hand.

Steel Cans - A large rolling magnet separates steel cans from the other recyclables. A compacter compresses the steel into large bricks which are sent to companies who shred the steel, removing food scraps and labels and melt the steel to form into new steel products, such as cars, train tracks and planes.

Aluminium Cans are separated using an ‘eddy current' separation unit, which creates a fluctuating magnetic field to induce a magnetic effect in the cans. The cans are then baled and transported to processing plants where they are heated to 700 ° Celsius and made into new cans, saucepans and other homeware products.

Glass jars are sorted by gravity. Its important to remove food scraps from plastic jars and empty water from bottles to make sure the sorting equipment can distinguish between plastic and glass jars and bottles. Glass is recycled into new products. 

Plastic bags are removed from the recycing stream by hand and by mechanical processes then sent to landfill. Bags with something inside are removed by hand. The staff can't open the bags to see whats inside - they don't have time and the bags might contain dirty or hazardous items. Empty plastic bags are removed from the recycling stream by mechanical processes, however they can get caught in machinery. Plastic bags should never be placed in your yellow recycling bin. Don't waste your efforts - place recyclables in the yellow bin individually, not in a plastic bag. 

Can I recycle other items?

As well as the common household recyclables shown above, you can also recycle many other items, through drop-off facilities run by Council and other organisations. Don't put these things in your yellow bin as the recycling facility can’t sort them and they will end up in landfill. Click on the links below to find out where to recycle these items:

E-waste - Council's drop-off service

Batteries - Council's drop-off service

Mobile phones - Council's Drop-off service

Mattresses - Recycled thrgouh Council Clean-Up collections 

Light bulbs - Council's drop-off service

Printer cartridges - Council's drop-off service

Plastic bags - return to your supermarket for recycling

Clothes and household items in good condition - second hand sales or re-use through charity organisations 

Fridges – collection service (conditions apply) 

Kitchen Scraps and Garden Waste – purchase a compost bin or worm farm at a discounted rate from Council.