Inner West Council

The information contained in the following registers is designated open access information

  •  GIPA Register

    The Disclosure Log of formal GIPA Applications can be accessed here


  • Council’s land register

    The Register is available - click here for further information. 


  • Register of investments

    Click here for further information (the investment are reported to Council on a monthly basis and are located under 'Budget and Operations Review Committee', click 'agenda' on the right hand column for this committee).


  • Register of delegations


    Corporate and Community Services is available here: Schedule CCS Schedule CCS (34.82 KB)  Matrix CCS Matrix CCS (15.40 KB) 

    Works and Infrastructure Services is available here: Schedule WIS Schedule WIS (49.00 KB) Matrix WIS Matrix WIS (12.72 KB)

    Register of Delegations for Mayor, General Manager, Deputy-Mayor, committees of Council is available here: Schedule 2013 Schedule 2013 (301.11 KB) 


  • Graffiti removal register


    Graffiti Register 2009-10 Graffiti Register 2009-10 (53.57 KB
    Graffiti Register 2010-11 Graffiti Register 2010-11 (56.48 KB
    Graffiti Register 2011-12 Graffiti Register 2011-12 (466.74 KB)
    Graffiti Register 2012-13 Graffiti Register 2012-13 (540.09 KB)


  • Disclosure Register of Political Donations

    click here for further information.


  • Register of voting on planning matters

    click here for further information

    Contracts Register

    To access the Contracts Register click here.




    Political Donations

    As per the Local Government and Planning Legislation Amendment (Political Donations) Act 2008; Local Government Act 1993 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. In order to enable members of the public with access to information such as current donations and expenditure declarations lodged by Councillors with the Electoral Funding of NSW, Ashfield Council is providing the following link to the Electoral Funding Authority of NSW website.

    The Electoral Commission of NSW has established a dedicated enquiry line to assist with information regarding disclosure of political donations returns and electoral legislation. Tel: 1300 135 736