Inner West Council

Residential e-waste collection events at Ashfield Council Depot, 7 Prospect Road, Summer Hill.

Council conducts major electronic (E-Waste) collection at Council's Depot No. 7 Prospect Road, Summer Hill.

Below are the e-waste collection dates.

Wednesday 10 January 2018 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Saturday 20 January 2018 8:30pm – 12 noon
Wednesday 14 February 2018 3:30pm – 6:30pm



Traffic control arrangements will be in place on Saturdays to direct vehicles delivering electronic waste material to the Depot. These vehicles will travel via Tintern Road, Robert Street and then queue up in Prospect Road leading into the Depot. Through traffic will be directed or advised to detour elsewhere.

Resident are advised to avoid joining onto the travel and queue path of E-Waste vehicles, and that they travel via an alternate route or direction in accessing their properties. 

A copy of the plan identifying the travel route and queuing of vehicles delivering electronic waste material to the Depot is shown here.      

If you require any further information regard to the traffic control arrangements please contact Council on 9392 5000.  


Products Accepted

Desktop PCs & Servers Speakers Electronic toys & Game consoles
Laptops Televisions Microwaves
Monitors & Hard drives Plasma & LCD TVs Toasters
Computer power supplies TV antennas Juicers
Printers Video players Electric jugs
Computer mice & Keyboards DVD players Electric fry pans
Laptop batteries Cables Bread makers
Scanners Hi-Fi equipment Mixers
Copiers & Multi-function devices Digital cameras Clock radios
iPods, iPads & Tablets Video cameras Electric Heater
Mobile phones GPS devices Oil Heaters
Phones CD players  


Products Not Accepted

  • White Goods eg Fridges, Washing machines, Dryers etc
  • Loose picture tubes or broken glass - televison and monitors
  • Smoke detectors & CCFL light tubes
  • Bulk dispose of batteries
  • X-Ray machines, Video Tapes
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Products contaminated with chemicals, biological agents or other substances


As our society becomes more and more technologically focused, computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, mobile phones, printers and home appliances are are increasingly finding their way to landfill. Rapid technology change, low costs and planned obsolescence all contribute to making e-waste one of the fastest growing environmental problems around the globe.

If recycled, electronic waste can be a valuable source for secondary raw materials. However, when sent to landfill it is a major source of toxins and carcinogens that can leach into the ground and contaminate water.

Some facts about e-Waste toxins:

  • Toxic substances in electronic waste include lead, mercury and cadmium.
  • Carcinogenic substances in electronic waste may include polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).
  • A typical computer monitor may contain more than 6% lead by weight, much of which is in the lead glass of the CRT.
  • Capacitors, transformers, PVC insulated wires, PVC coated components that were manufactured before 1977 often contain dangerous amounts of polychlorinated biphenyls.
  • Up to thirty-eight different chemical elements are incorporated into electronic waste items.

 e-Waste Notification Emails

Council has a email notification list. If you are interested in being notified of future events via email please send an email to with the words 'Ashfield E-Waste Notification' in the title, and your name and postcode in the body of the email. 

Council is also a collection point for MobileMuster. Click hereto find out how to recycle mobile phones or accessories.

Other e-Waste Disposal Options

If you cannot wait until the next Council e-waste day there are some other local disposal alternatives that you may wish to access. Charges will apply for accessing these services.

Planet Green Recycling

47 Epping Road, North Ryde
Phone: 1300 731 044
Charges apply

Sims E-Recycling
82 Marple Avenue, Villawood
Phone: 8708 2015
Charges apply


Mobile Phone Recycling

Cartridge Recycling