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Sumission to the Council Boundary Review

Ashfield Council - Submission to Council Boundary Review - February 2016

Commissioned Research

Ashfield Council, with Burwood, Canada Bay, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils, commissioned consultants Morrison Low to identify the likely financial, governance, social and environmental outcomes of the merger options on the respective councils and their communities. The purpose of this research was to enable each Council to prepare their respective business case, engage with their communities and have an informed discussion.

The Morrison Low Report and Report to Council on 24 February 2015 can be downloaded:

Morrison Low - Shared Modelling for Inner West Councils Feb 2015

Report to Council - Fit for the Future Inner West Communities Modelling 24 Feb 2015

Ashfield Council requested further modelling to see if the amalgamation options have the resources to meet the 'Fit for the Future' benchmarks. This work is available here:

Morrison Low - Additional modelling to address infrastructure backlog March 2015

Reports to Council

Below are copies of the Reports and Mayoral Minutes considered by Council. Attachments, minutes, agendas and resolutions of Council are available here.

Mayoral_Minute_-_Fit_for_the_Future - 23_September_2014

Report to Council - Fit for the Future - Inner_West_Communities_Modelling_-_24_February_2015

Report_to_Rouncil - Fit_for_the_Future - Feedback_from_Community_Engagement_-_26_May_2015

Report_to_Rouncil - Fit_for_the_Future - Submission_to_IPART_-_23_June_2015

Report_to_Council - Fit_for_the_Future_-_Submission_to_Parliamentary_Inquiry_-_23_June_2015

Mayoral_Minute - Fit_for_the_Future_-_Premiers_announcement_on_IPART_Report_-_26_October_2015

Report_to_Council - Fit_for_the_Future_-_26_October_2015

Report_to_Council - Fit_for_the_Future_-_Ashfield_merger_options_as_at_November_2015_-_10_November_2015

Mayoral_Minute - Fit_for_the_Future_-_10_November_2015

Fit for the Future submission to IPART - June 2015

Ashfield Council Improvement Proposal June 2015 - Template 2

Attachment 1. Evidence of Strategic Capacity

Attachment 2. Community Plan Ashfield 2023 Our Place, Our Future

Attachment 3. Ashfield Council Plan 2015-19

Attachment 4. IPART Determination of Ashfield Special Rate Variation for 2015-16

Attachment 5. Ashfield Council Long Term Financial Plan 2016-25

Attachment 6. Morrison Low Shared Modelling for Inner West Councils Feb 2015

Attachment 7. Detailed Action Plan

Attachment 8. Morrison Low Additional Modelling to Address Infrastructure Backlog March 2015

Attachment 9. Report to Council 27 May 2015 - Fit for the Future Feedback from Community Engagement

Reports and Resources

Revitalising Local Government ILGRP Final Report October 2013

Local Government in NSW Future Directions Opinion Poll - IRIS Research August 2013

Council amalgamations fail to be financially sustainable Dollery November 2014

To Merge or not to merge? LGNSW Background Paper February 2015

Up to the job? An analysis of the NSW Government's Fit for the Future Local Government Reform Policy Package (United Services Union)

Amalgamation Modelling - Alternative Combinations using Morrison Low Model Against FFF Criteria