Inner West Council

Small Business Friendly Councils Program

Ashfield Council is committed to fostering economic growth and securing a brighter future for our local small businesses. One of Council’s latest initiatives in support of small business is its participation in the Small Business Friendly Councils (SBFC) Program, a program developed by the office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner in partnership with the NSW Business Chamber, aiming to make councils more small business-friendly.

The SBFC Program provides Ashfield Council with an opportunity to review its procedures and practices in dealing with small businesses, so that we can make improvements where needed, explore new initiatives, as well as share our successes with other participating councils.

Council is looking forward to working collaboratively with the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner, the NSW Business chamber, as well as over 60 other councils to support and promote our local small businesses.

Ashfield Council is committed to making changes that can benefit our local small business owners and their employees. We know that ultimately this will benefit our whole community.