Inner West Council

State of the Environment Reporting

State of the Environment (SoE) reporting is a continuous process that provides the community with a summary of the physical condition of the environment within the Ashfield Local Government Area (LGA). It also informs the community and Council on the impacts we are having on our environment.

The SoE also highlights the activities of Council, the community and businesses have undertaken to protect and enhance our environment. Council uses the information contained within the SoE Reports to develop environmental initiatives and targets for both corporate and community action.   

In NSW Councils are required to produce an annual SoE Report as part of the Local Government Act 1993. The Act requires councils to produce a comprehensive report every four years in the November following local council elections. Supplementary reports are prepared in the intervening years.

Download the 2011/2012 SoE Report (1.16 MB)

Previous Reports

The 2004/09 Comprehensive SoE Report is available to download here download here (5.73 MB).

The 2009/2010 Supplementary SoE Report is available to download here download here (241.31 KB).

The 2010/2011 SoE Report is available to dowload here dowload here (5.11 MB)

Alternatively, a hard copy can be viewed at the main Ashfield Council Library, Liverpool Road, Ashfield.