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What is Stormwater Re-use?

Stormwater is rainwater that runs from roofs, roads and other hard surfaces into stormwater drains. It then flows into creeks, the harbour and the ocean. Stormwater re-use occurs when this water is captured, treated and used for nondrinking purposes.

How is Ashfield Council Re-using Stormwater?

Ashfield Council re-uses stormwater at a number of locations throughout the Council area. The most significant site is Pratten Park, where a stormwater harvesting system provides water for irrigation. Council also uses rainwater tanks at a number of community facilities and parks, capturing water to flush toilets, water gardens and for use in Council's street sweeper and graffiti removal equipment.









The Pratten Park Stormwater Harvesting and Irrigation System

Why did Council install this system?

It was installed in order to reduce reliance on valuable drinking water, whilst maintaining a lush playing surface for users of the sports field at Pratten Park. The system also improves the quality of stormwater that flows to the Parramatta River.

How does the system work?

It works by capturing stormwater from the catchment area upstream of the Park flowing through an existing drainage pipe. The water is first treated using a filter, then stored in three 120,000 litre underground tanks. Prior to use, the water is treated using a UV disinfection system.

How much will Council save?

Council stands to save approximately 8 million litres of water a year - roughly equal to the volume of 3 Olympic swimming pools. This equates to a saving of around $16,000 per year.



 What can you do to help conserve water?

   There are many things that you can do at home to help save water and money. For example:

  • Install a rainwater tank to capture water from your roof
  • Select plants for your garden that don't require much watering
  • Take shorter showers - four minutes if you can manage it!
  • Install water-saving devices, like low-flow shower heads and taps, and a dual flush toilet. Visit the Sydney Water website for more information
  • Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load

For more information on re-use schemes visit or contact Council by phoning 9716 1800 or emailing