Inner West Council

Stray Animals

To report stray dogs please telephone Council's Rangers on (02) 9392 5000.

Fines can apply to people who do not control their animals.

Impoundment of Stray Animals

Council's Rangers are empowered under the Companion Animals Act to seize a dog that is stray, or to prevent injury to a person or damage to property.

If the owner of the animal cannot be determined on the spot it will be taken to the Companion Animals Holding Facility.

If your animal has been seized and a microchip can be detected we will contact you.

Initially we will attempt to contact you by telephone, however, where that is not possible we will write to advise you that your animal has been seized and has been impounded.

Impounding fees will have to be paid before your animal will be released and if the animal is not identified and/or registered these fees will also need to be paid prior to the animal being released.