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Resident Parking Scheme

Ashfield Local Government Area with its close proximity to the Sydney CBD and the Inner West Rail line is increasingly a hub of major bus/rail interchange activity. This, coupled with the commercial/retail activity providing employment within the area generate high levels of daytime parking activity by non-residents. Many employees and commuters travel by car and park in residential streets. Most residential streets within walking distance of stations and shops and where there are no time limit restrictions are heavily ‘parked out’ day and night respectively.

Council has undertaken on-street and off-street parking surveys and consulted with residents of the former Ashfield LGA to gauge levels of parking activity and the support for a resident parking scheme. On the basis of the investigations and after considering resident feedback a report was prepared and has been considered by the Ashfield Traffic Committee and Council. Council had resolved at its meetings to introduce the resident parking scheme, so that the available on-street parking spaces are shared more equitably between residents, commuters and employees.

Information for residents regarding the operation of the resident parking scheme can be found at the following links:

Download a copy of Frequently Asked Questions here

Download a copy of the Summer Hill Information Sheet here

Download map(s) of the adopted resident parking scheme area here

Download a maps of all the resident parking scheme areas throughout the LGA here

How the Resident Parking Permit Scheme Works

As part of the implementation of this scheme, Council is rolling out time restricted parking signage (2P 8AM – 6PM MON – FRI, PERMIT HOLDERS EXCEPTED) within designated areas. This signage will be installed on one side of the street only.

Residents with valid permits may park their vehicles for as long as they like within the signposted resident parking zones in their area. Vehicles not displaying a permit may only park for a two-hour period as signposted.

The permit does not give residents any special rights in other signposted zones, i.e. there is no exemption within other time restricted parking zones or in "No Parking" and "No Stopping" areas, parking close to corners, double parking, or any other parking or traffic rules. Permit holders must also observe the signposted time limits in other Resident Parking Zone areas e.g Summer Hill Area 9 permits are not valid within Summer Hill Areas 10, 12 or 13 or within Ashfield Resident Parking areas and vice verse. Permits issued by Ashfield Council are also not valid within Resident Parking Areas in neighbouring Council areas.


Only residents of Ashfield Council who reside within an existing Resident Parking Area and do not have parking spaces on their property for their vehicles (in accordance to Clause 6 of the RPPS policy) may be issued with a resident parking permit.

Each household within the permit areas (please refer to maps) is eligible for a maximum of two permits only if parking is unavailable on the property or could not reasonably be provided on the property for the vehicle (or vehicles).

Parking spaces on property

Maximum number of Permits





 (if household has more than one vehicle)


(if household has only one vehicle)

2 or more


Table 1: Parking Permit Maximum Entitlement

The maximum entitlement is reduced by one for each parking space on the property. For example, if the maximum entitlement is 2 and there is 1 parking space on the property, then the entitlement is reduced to 1 resident parking permit.

Please refer to Clause 4 and Clause 6 of the Resident Parking Permit Policy (available below in the documents section) for further criteria and exemptions.

Fees and Charges

The first permit (within each 12 month renewal period) will be issued at no charge to the resident.

Fees for additional or replacement permits will be in accordance with Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges. The fee will be used to defray the costs necessarily incurred by Council for administration, operation and enforcement of the scheme. No fee is refundable once a permit is issued.

1st Permit for the Household


2nd Permit for the Household


Replacement permit


Table 2: Fees and Charges


For further queries, phone the Customer Service Centre on (02) 9392 5000 between 8:30am – 4pm Monday to Friday.


See Resident Parking Permit Policy here (PDF)

See Resident Parking Permit Application Form here (PDF)

See Overall Map here (PDF)

See Summer Hill Area Maps 9,10,11, 12 & 13 here (PDF)