Inner West Council

The DA Assessment Process

1. Getting advice prior to lodgement of your application

Council aims to provide an efficient, effective and reliable development assessment (DA) service. This starts with consulting Council early to identify and resolve issues and deficiencies at an early stage before a DA is submitted.

We offer a number of advisory services if you are thinking of carrying out any development.

2. Lodgement of a Development Application

Once your design is finalised and you are ready to lodge a formal Development Application, you need to ensure you have all the necessary information required.  Once the application is lodged, it is assigned a Development Application reference number and an Assessment Officer to process your DA.

Your application is then notified in accordance with the requirements of the Development Control Plan which may entail:

  • Notification to adjoining neighbours
  • Advertised in the local newspapers
  • Advertised locally by a sign placed on the street frontage of the property
  • Some applications may not be notified depending on the nature of the proposal (eg: internal work) and further information regarding notification requirements are contained within Ashfield Council’s Development Control Plan.  

The application is advertised for a 2 to 3 week period, depending on the nature of the proposal. The officer will carry out an assessment of the application against Council's planning controls including consideration of any submissions received.  If the application is found to not comply you may be asked to make amendments to the proposal or withdraw the application. 

3. Referrals

  • Internal referrals
    Depending upon the complexity of each application, numerous internal referrals, such as to Council’s Engineers, Heritage Officers, Building Surveyors and Environmental Health Officers, etc. may be necessary. Each of these professionals then undertakes a review of the application documents relevant to their considerations. For example, Heritage reports will be sent to the Heritage Officers to review.
  • External referrals
    In order to meet legislative requirements, referrals may be necessary to NSW Departments and Authorities (such as the RMS, Department of Planning, etc.) that provide Integrated Referral conditions (General Terms of Approval). In some cases, concurrence is required to be given before we can grant any development consent.

Any one of these experts or external referral bodies may require additional information from the Applicant. If this is necessary, we will communicate this to you as soon as we are made aware of the necessity for such information.

4. Determination

Applications may be determined under Officer delegation or may be referred to the Inner West Planning Panel for determination.  More information about the Inner West Planning Panel can be found here:

5. Once your Development Application is determined

Once Council has determined your DA, either by approval with certain conditions or refusal, you will be advised in writing of the decision.

Applicants who are unhappy with a decision can lodge an application to have Council review its decision or can appeal to the Land and Environment Court.