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Walking is a fundamental part of an integrated transport system. Walking and cycling are both active and sustainable forms of transport. Encouraging more people to walk, and combining more walking with public transport trips, is an effective way to free up capacity on the transport system and reduce congestion.

Ashfield’s Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP)

PAMP objectives

The purpose of the PAMP project is to develop a strategic framework and action plan for safe, convenient and connected pedestrian travel across the whole Ashfield Local Government area. The framework and action plan would provide Council with a systematic and comprehensive approach to managing all the proposed pedestrian treatments across the area, including footpaths and crossings.

The framework and plan will consider:

  • aligning to relevant federal, state and local plans;
  • identifying pedestrian routes/areas that are safe, convenient and connected;
  • coordinating investment;
  • developing pedestrian policies; and
  • building pedestrian facilities.

Broad objectives of the PAMP project include the following ideas:

  • put the pedestrian first in town centre areas
  • recognise pedestrians as the most vulnerable road user
  • improve the understanding of how pedestrians interact with vehicular traffic and cyclists (including less mobile pedestrians)
  • develop a standard package of pedestrian facilities to meet typical pedestrian needs and enhance road safety
  • consider means of encouraging pedestrian activity and reducing car dependency

The outcomes of the PAMP project are:

  • a strategic framework for Council to administer safe, convenient and connected pedestrian travel across the municipality,
  • an action plan for Council to deliver pedestrian treatments and facilities across a number of years.

Community involvement

Ashfield’s Access Committee representing people with access and mobility issues has initiated this project. Parts of the community have also shown keen interest in improving accessibility, mobility and road safety for pedestrians in the area. For example around schools, commercial centres and services.

Obtaining stakeholders and community input into the PAMP is significantly important in the process and to Ashfield Council. The Draft Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan was on display and the community was asked to comment on the Draft PAMP during August 2015.

Draft Pamp

Council has appointed traffic specialists Calibre Consulting to develop a Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) for our Local Government Area. Calibre is currently in the process of finalising the draft PAMP (which includes reviewing stakeholder and community input).

Once the final draft PAMP has been received by Council, it will be reported to Council's Access Committee, the Ashfield Traffic Committee and finally to Council for approval. Following approval, the final PAMP will be published on Council's website.