Inner West Council

This information is relevant to the Ashfield Service Area only.

Council provides a comprehensive kerbside waste and recycling service to our residents and businesses. By recycling correctly and cutting down on the amount of garbage we send to landfill we can all help to ensure a sustainable future for our community. 

Weekly Garbage Service
Fortnightly Recycling Service
Fortnightly Garden Organics Service
 Clean Up Services  - Each year we have 2 general clean ups (May and November). Each household can also book up to 4 additional 'phone-in' services per year. 

Council also provides waste drop-off services for items that can't be placed in your yellow bin but can still be recycled - e-waste, batteries, light globes etc. For more information about waste and recycling alternatives click here

Bin Contamination

Sorting your waste correctly really helps. Putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin increases our waste collection and disposal costs. Inner West Council, and Transpacific Cleanaway (contractor for the Ashfield Service area), take contamination of bins seriously. If the wrong thing is found in your bin, you will receive a letter from Council, or in the case of repeated contamination, your bins may be removed. Click here for our bin contamination policy.

Missed Service

If your bin has not been collected please check the following:

  1. That it is the correct collection day
  2. That the right bin is out on the right week
  3. That you have placed the correct materials in your bin
  4. That your bin weighs less than 70kg. If you cannot lift the front of the bin and move it with one hand it is too heavy.

If all of these are correct leave your bin out and contact Council on 9392 5000.

Broken Bins
Contact Council on 9392 5000 for repairs to your bins.

Stolen/Lost Bins
Report lost or stolen bins to Council on 9392 5000. The first replacement bin is free of charge but additional replacements will incur a cost.

Additional Bins
Additional bins can be provided at a cost. This cost will be added to your rates. Contact Council on 9392 5000 for an Additional Waste Collection Service form or download the application form.

Moving Out
Leave all bins behind for new residents as they are the property of Council. Your new property should have bins assigned to it when you move in.


Correct Bin Presentation

  • Bins should be placed out for collection on the night prior to your collection day.

  • Position the bin so the wheels are facing your property and the lid opens towards the road.

  • Bin lids must be fully closed and bins must not weigh more than 70kg. If you cannot lift the front of the bin and move it with one hand it is too heavy.

  • Do not put extra materials next to your bins. They will not be collected.
  • Bins should be returned to your property as soon as possible after emptying.