Inner West Council

Water Pollution

It is an offence for any person to pollute any waters.

The definition of 'Pollution' includes the introduction of anything (litter, wash water, oil, debris, detergent, paint, etc.) into water. It is also pollution to place anything where it could be blown or could fall into a drain, gutter or local waterway. 'Waters' include the stormwater system and natural waterways.

Council's Environmental Health Officers are responsible for the investigation and enforcement of most reported water pollution incidents in the Ashfield municipality (excluding building sites).

Pollution from building sites is investigated by council's Community Enforcement Officers.

Pollution incidents originating from a premises licensed by the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation (large industries) are the responsibility of that authority.

All water pollution matters can be reported to Council on (02) 9392 5000 or the NSW Environment Line on 131 555 at any time.