Inner West Council

What do your rates pay for?


Your rates pay for infrastructure provided by Council and the operation, maintenance and renewal of infrastructure throughout the local area.
For example, recent major works undertaken have included:

  • Progressive repairs and relaying of paving and extending the kerb ramps in the Ashfield CBD along Liverpool Road as part of the Road Resurfacing Program.
  • Road resurfacing, re-sheeting and major patching to streets included Banks Streeet, Carlton Crescent, Crane Avenue, Carrington Laneway, New Street, and Palace Street. Cost $569,067.
  • Replacement of larger sections of condition 4 footpath at the following locations was undertaken: Thomas Street and Seaview Street. Cost $67,096.
  • Drainage Work as part of Council’s stormwater infrastructure CCTV inspection survey program, pipes are identified for water pressure cleaning, repairs and replacement. Major pipe repairs/replacement included stormwater pipes in Dalmar Street, Arthur Street and Shepherd Street. Cost $42,452.
  • The construction of an accessible playground in Ashfield Park, which included new playground equipment, seating and tree planting. Cost $121,720.
  • Bede Spillane was converted to an off leash dog park, which included the erection of a perimeter dog fence, dog dispenser bag units and associated works to the park. Cost $18,834.68
  • New shade sails installed at DJ Gardens, Richard Murden Reserve, Hammond Park and Yeo Park. Cost $26,895.00
  • Centenary Playground - the old synthetic playing surface in the playground area was replaced with new rubber soft fall surface. Cost $42,527.10.


Services provided by Ashfield Council and funded by your rates include:

  • Waste and recycling services

  • Graffiti management

  • Illegal dumping

  • Tree management

  • Art and Culture
  • Ashfield and Haberfield Libraries
Community programs
Community grants
  • Youth services 

  • Community events
  • Food Festivals
  • Carnival of Cultures
Companion animals

  • Food safety inspections
Kerb side clean ups

  • Sign maintenance

  • Parking patrols

  • Community education

  • Customer Service

  • Online communication